Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Double Chastity?

Two inspirations went into this story:
Bare female flesh carpeted the lawns of the campus park.
Brett’s Happy Happy Chaste Boi Purity Device(tm) tightened around his groin. He set down his suitcases and perched on the biggest. Perhaps this was the wrong place to kill time while he worked out what to do.
My final year at college... the exams fell in summer and I was single. The park on the way to the library was full of female students sunbathing. Any pick-up attempt would have been an intrusion, and what are you supposed to say anyway? Worse, I was on my way to the library, so not able to rush to my flat and get myself off.

I want to revisit that experience in my Chastity Planet stories, but it made a good opening to an episode of Enslaved by Posh Totty!

Then there's this:
Brett ran his hands up the back of her thigh; soft and cushioned. Chastity device tightening, he caressed the tattooed dragon then let his touch drift  over her plump buttocks.
Leisha purred and undulated under his hand.
Brett shifted to his knees and bent to kiss the base of her spine above the steel girdle. Her skin was hot and salty from the May sun. Is that how Audrey tasted, sweaty after her runs? The taste tightened his groin, but that just made him feel more… powerful.
(reproduced with permission)
Leisha gasped. “Oh yes. Kiss.”
Chuckling, Brett put his hand between her legs, cupping the perforated plate that covered her vulva. It was warm to the touch and he could sense her hot pussy within. He planted little kisses along the line of the girdle, left to right. “All locked up,” he said. “No kisses down there.”
What inspired me was... there's a website where they pay women to wear chastity devices for a set period.

Amazon (UK|US)
Sometimes the reward is the chastity device - these things don't come cheap!

Now women in chastity aren't really my kink. However, they did a one-off with a couple and the picture appeared on my twitter feed.They look great, but neither are typical porn model material. The pictures feel real, authentic, and intimate. And look at her face - she's very into this.

And this made me wonder; what happens in bed? Do they play a game where each tries to defeat the other by driving them crazy? What's the penalty for tapping out?

The resulting scene was great fun to write, though exquisitely frustrating to do so while wearing a chastity device!

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