Friday, June 23, 2017

Enslaved by Posh Totty #9: Dildo Deflowering a Dangerous Redhead: Using a strap-on dildo, then whipped by an angry redhead while trapped in chastity!

Yes it's here at last!

Can permanently chaste Brett satisfy red-haired Audrey armed only with his strap-on dildo?

On what he secretly regards of his last night of slavery to the posh coeds, leggy, red-haired Audrey invites Brett to “make a woman of her”.
Unfortunately, he’s stuck in a chastity device! His only option is to strap on a dildo and do his best to make the event special. 
Can he weather the exquisite frustration of pounding a prosthetic dong into the woman of his dreams, feeling her writhe under him, but experiencing nothing in his real man parts other than the unyielding cage?
Will his vigorous wooing kindle true romance between them? Or will he make a mistake and bear the brunt of her sadistic rage?

(I've actually done this! Made love while locked in chastity and using a strap-on dildo. It is exquisitely frustrating... Read the story and find out what it's like.) 

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