Friday, May 17, 2019

Building Chastity Planet, my Total World Femdom erotica setting

So, free of Amazon's consent theatre requirement, I finally got Chastity Planet working properly: "In space nobody can hear your safeword..."
Epub, Kindle Etc.

Here, we find our hero prostituting himself in an alley:
The girl groaned louder, louder still, then let out a long sigh and — abruptly - stood up off the wall.
Robin sank back to sit on his ankles. Her juices dribbled down his chin. His penis throbbed uselessly between his legs but she was beautiful like a big cat, sated, and even in the half light he could see her face was delightfully flushed from his efforts. He grinned up at her.
Without a word, she dropped something in front of his knees. She pointed her finger, turned the ring — triggering a weird squirming sensation in Robin’s groin —  then stepped around him and vanished into the street.
He stared down at what she had dropped: a ten credit bill. Not only had she used him, she had turned him into a prostitute.
Numbly, he picked up the note, stuffed it in his pocket then rose.
It was then he noticed the weird cold sensation in the tip of his dick.
He backed further into the alley, glanced around, then slid his hand down the front of his shorts.
Sure enough, the front of his chastity cup had opened… only it hadn’t done so enough to let his cock out. Instead, there was a tiny slot that let him get a finger to the tip of his captive penis. So much for visions of pumping away at his dick! This was as much as the device would ever open.
The tip was slippery with semen.
He licked his lips to capture more of the girl’s taste, braced himself against the alley wall, and started to rub.
The sensation was intense enough to make him whimper. His legs quivered, his breathing quickened. “So close…” he whimpered. “So… close…”
The slot abruptly closed, squeezing out his finger.
He slumped against the wall and wept. But if he had come, here in this dusty ally, he’d have soiled his shorts with semen. The girl was right; he was a loser.
He wiped his mouth on his arm and — the stranger’s taste still clinging to his mouth — stepped back into the street. 
You can get a free sample and buy the book here. (Pre order until later this month.) However, if you're curious about the the Total World Femdom planet I created, read on.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Chastity Planet Uncut! Available for preorder! Get the sample!

At last, my revamped Chastity Planet epic is up on Smashwords. Click here to get the sample!

It's a darker revamp of the original  series, with some heavy editing, less consent theatre, more dark and explicit content (including a brutal public flogging!). I am so glad I left Amazon!
"In space, nobody can hear your safe word!"Imagine taking a wild spring break with your sexy coed pals... except it's on a SciFi pleasure world where all the men are trapped in semi-permanent chastity and if you earn too many demerits you end up being publicly flogged. Could you survived reverse oral gangbangs, licking booths, rampaging sex maniacs... and not end up as a chaste slave?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Was HP Lovecraft simply kinky?

Resisting the darkness while
willingly but guiltily
succumbing to it 
I was pondering why HP Lovecraft's writings always had a resonance for me. Then  I realised:

Classic Lovecraftian heroes have happy lives, but crave something that can only be found in the dark.

They think they are dabbling - just visiting - but then discover that what they considered an aberration is - horrifyingly - part of nature... part even of their nature.

There is no escape: careful what you wish for.

Enthralled by an exotic woman (or man?)
with darker skin than him
All that dancing around the edges, being drawn in like a moth to the flame, resisting the darkness while willingly but guiltily succumbing to it - that's what being kinky pre-Internet was like.

I wonder whether what HP Lovecraft really, deep down, craved, was to become enthralled by an exotic woman (or man?) with darker skin than him? Was all that fiction just a magnificent sublimation? 

Was HP Lovecraft simply kinky?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Smashwords is LIVE!

I've bitten the bullet and started uploading my chastity erotica to Smashwords! This means creating omnibus editions of the serials to date. Watch this space!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

So what chastity erotica DO I want to write?

Masturbation is off the table...
Now I'm free of Amazon, I'm taking stock.

Obviously, I came to erotica as a way of crafting very vivid masturbation fantasies... however, masturbation has been limited in the last four years, and is now off the table... indefinitely.

True, even if I can't get off, masochistic fantasies still give me a buzz. However, that on its own isn't enough to keep me writing --  in my new life, beatings are routine, as is the thrill of living under that threat.

What kept me writing erotica all these years was the need to explore my feelings around permanent chastity and erotic slavery: in my stories, the characters edged towards their terrible fate. But that's where I am right now!

Small wonder, then, that I started to feel that I was done with erotica.

Every single erotic experience of mine
would have been enhanced by me being chaste
and in a service-submissive role. 
However, a few days ago, a thought came to me:

Every single erotic experience of mine would have been enhanced by me being chaste and in a service-submissive role. 

Seriously! Most of my girlfriends weren't really into penis in vagina sex, and a good proportion of them were dominant, sometimes kinkily, and nearly three quarters of them were happy to give kink a go at least once.

If only I'd had a working chastity device like my gloriously wicked Saint!

I regret all those lost opportunities... the memories I would have laid down, and also the glorious women I would have introduced to authentic dominance.

I imagine gay men who come out late feel like this.

However, unlike for a gay man, there was and is no general socially acceptable way to "come out as a chaste malesub". Even if you move in BDSM circles, there's no way to casually be yourself beyond that sandbox.

So I regret the unavailable opportunities.

Which leads me to the impossible things which would be the ultimate fulfilment of my orientation. These are combinations of: serving a lesbian couple; being a chattel slave; receiving intense punishment and mistreatment.

I regret what might have been, what couldn't be,
and what will never be...
I'm left regretting what might have been, what couldn't be, and what will never be.

I can assuage my regrets through my fiction... now I don't have to make everything meticulously consensual!

The first season of my Chastity Planet series can reach its logical conclusion, without worrying that the hero doesn't want to be publicly whipped or trapped in chaste slavery!

I can continue my Whips and Stockingtops Femdom flapper series without having to dance around the underlying premise that the men are all true slaves.

And I can write some other really consent-irrelevant masochistic stuff.

I won't make promises about output, but that's where my imagination is taking me these days...

Monday, December 03, 2018

Consent is Boring - Why I left Amazon

Consent is boring
I left Amazon because consent is boring.

Make no mistake, in real life, kink needs consent.

However, power exchange is only real to the extent to which you cannot withdraw consent. Even in real life, consent gets blurry around power exchange. And, in my fantasies, hard power exchange is the point.

I want to explore the feelings and implications of, not so much non-consent as, consent-irrelevant!

I want to tell stories about male slaves, and captives and victims. Or situations where consent is retroactive, but still essentially irrelevant.

More and more, when writing for the Amazon marketplace, I found myself doing the consent dance:

He writhed in his chains. "Let me go!" 
She laughed and pinged the dong so it wobbled. "But you want me to peg you."
He blushed. "Yes."
Power exchange is only real to the extent to
which you cannot withdraw consent.
And so on.

It's like writing a war story, except it has to be a nerf gun battle,

After a while, I found my series grinding to a halt as I wrestled with keeping it visibly consensual.

Well, so much for that. There are platforms with less desire to censor freedom of imagination. I'll be popping up on one of those soon.

Find out when this happens using the Follow By Email option (top right)! I rarely post except to say when I have a book out, and I won't see your email address - Blogger handles all that.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Designing the Happy Happy Chaste Boi Chastity Device

Surgical mesh for the sound/plug
Inescapable male chastity devices are a cool fantasy. They also make it easier to write chastity erotica. Alas, the real ones are either impractical for 24/7/365 wear - full belts - or require too much of a lead time for piercings to heal. That saps the drama.

So I've come up with the Happy Happy Chaste Boi Chastity Device which I've been using in most of my contemporary erotica. It's an ultra hi-tech device designed for Japanese male prostitutes and kept men, but has gradually started appearing on the western market.

I'm going to fully describe it here in case anybody is interested. Needless to say, my erotica isn't actually an info dump of all this! So here we go...

The TetherSpout (source)
The Happy Happy Chaste Boi Chastity Device is a ball trapper with some adaptions:

  • Hi-tech smart ceramic makes it expensive to escape.
  • Anti-pullout based on urethral plug or "sound" (see below).
  • Red Button that seals the device permanently. To prevent accidental triggering, the button is recessed and requires quite a deep push. However, this last feature  makes it tempting to toy with the button.
  • Expensive enough that you'd think long and hard before destroying it, perhaps the cost of a luxury holiday for two.

Inner anchor tube shaped a bit like this.
Made of hi-tech smart ceramic. I bet materials like this are only a few years away:

  • Invisible on body scans.
  • Generates lots of heat when cut.
  • Generates electricity when vibrated. Piezoelectric properties mean vibrators merely send painful shocks to your urethra. Cutting the device has similar effects.

Anti-pullout is via something like a TetherSpout system with a urethral plug that anchors behind the head. However, mine is surgical mesh similar to that used in stints. It has interesting properties:

  • Same smart ceramic material as the device, but tempered to be flexible. 
  • Not cuttable with normal surgical tools.
  • Twisting it 360 furls and unfurls the anchor.
  • Inner anchor tube prevents tampering with insertables. It snakes into the body as far as the prostate and won't permit an erect erection.
Anchor reaches as far as the prostate
(Borrowed from Thumper)
There are four nasty twists:

1. You can't have a proper orgasm wearing the device. It shorts out electro-stimulation. The piezoelectric properties mean vibrators generate painful shocks, only. In version 2 and later, the end of the anchor hits an internal pressure point, making prostate stimulation totally ineffective. Sorry.

2. Needs to be removed and boiled monthly, otherwise the plug loses plasticity! Unfortunately, you have to read the machine-translated English in the manual very carefully to find this out. Once the plug has hardened, the only way to remove the device is for a surgeon to slice open the head of your penis, with the risk of nerve damage.

3. Six months of continuous wear causes the plug to merge with the tissue of the urethra all the way to the prostate!  Basically, the tube gradually expands, pushing into the tissue, which uses it as a matrix to grow around it. There's nothing in the manual about this, and anybody who talks about this online is accused of being a fantasist. Once merging has taken place, a surgical intervention would be so intrusive that you might as well sign up for a sex change as well.

4. After hardening, the inner anchor tube makes erections dangerous without the base ring. Once the inner anchor tube stops being bendy, the articulations permit the penis to bend down against the body, but not up. There are no articulations inside the body and the tube reaches as far as the prostate. If you could somehow remove all of the device except the anchor, an erection would damage your penis tissue and wrench on the deeper end of the anchor, causing all sorts of internal injuries.

Escape options if you lose the key or press the Red Button are:

  • Up to 1 month since last removal: Cut off the base ring, twist the tube to furl the plug. Voila! However, this will require (a) water bath to dissipate heat, (b) tools powerful enough to cut the material, but small enough not to cut you, (c) a general anaesthetic because of the resulting shocks, (d) skilled professionals to do all this. There's also the risk of nerve damage due to the electric shocks. You'll certainly be in pain for months after. 
  • Between 1 and 6 months since last removal: As above, but the surgeon has to slice open your meatus.
  • 6+ months since last removal: Not recommended. Even if you could somehow shave off the cage, leaving the plug embedded, erections would be dangerous.

Of course, my poor characters don't know all this ahead of time... But you'll have to read my books to find out how that goes.

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