Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers "Seafood" now on iTunes

So, Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers "Seafood" is now on iTunes! (I'd be very grateful if somebody who has iTunes would click the link in the sidebar to make sure it works.)

Of all my kinky story worlds, Femdom Flapper World is closest to my heart.

I just love the fresh style and classy elegance of flappers and vamps of the 1920s and 1930s, and, most of all,  I love the fact that they are all wearing stockings.

Femdom Flapper World lets me take my retro voyeurism one step further, to step into the picture.

The slave is there, gets to watch, touch and... taste... but he's dehumanised. Nothing that happens is for his benefit, not even the beatings and permanent chastity. And yet he lives in a constant state of teasing and denial, of erotic tension heightened by real fear.


And because the flappers are all vanilla lesbians who think nothing of owning a permanently chaste male slave, I can make them as realistic as possible, give them hopes and dreams, vulnerabilities, and have the slave see them all.

You see, I'm one of those subs who genuinely likes women. I want to be the mistreated slave of a likable, lovable woman. (Actually, I've achieved this.) Femdom Flapper world gives me morally good women who don't think twice about owning a slave, because that just happens to be the culture.

Plus, did I mention the stockings?

I remember realising - one day - that all those women in all those films were bare-thighed under their skirts or dresses, with garters or garter belts keeping up that sleek hosiery.

Throw in femdom and I am lost! Lost!

However, I have other stories to tell.

The next visit is to Chastity Planet, a tourist destination where all the men wear chastity cups. In Femdom Flapper World, slavery is normal. On Chastity Planet, male chastity is the norm. Different dynamic, different stories.

But, if the people like Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers "Seafood" then I'll be glad of the excuse to return to a world of stockings and whips and vamps and flappers.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Seafood Amazon description...

Guys - how does this sound?

A lesbian romance told by a male slave doomed to permanent chastity!
Simon is trapped in an alternate Jazz Age where the men are all chaste slaves and the women all lesbian Vamps and Flappers… a world of stocking-tops and cloche hats, where beatings are routine and men are mere sex toys and domestic servants.
When Simon is sold on a whim, he vows never to love his owner again. Can he resist the fiercely intelligent and sensually voracious Lena?
Lena, a burned-out journalist, seeks tranquility in the sleepy fishing village of St Eves. Can she fight off the attentions of her former lover, the seductive vamp Claudette? Can she win the heart of Daphne, the skinny-dipping Bohemian artist?
Inspired by a love of retro erotica, “Seafood” brings to life all those sepia-tinted Flappers… gives each a whip and a chaste male slave to cringe at her stockinged feet.

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