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Design notes for Vesta (Chastity Planet)

What follows isn’t erotica – it’s the design notes for my erotic world, Vesta. Feel free to use this world in your own stories, as long as you credit me, and don’t change any of the established “facts”.

If you want to add anything to Minerva or Femtopia, please clear it with me first.

(With thanks in particular to Anonymous and Night Owl.)

Updated July 2015 to support current series.

Erotic Purpose

“Vesta” is intended as a psychologically plausible SciFi world in which male chastity and disempowerment are givens, so that ostensibly vanilla people can have different flavors of Femdom adventures. Most visitors to the planet will have a fairly straightforward and vanilla experience. The erotic stories merely concentrate on the (un)fortunate people who do have “adventures”.

If you like, think of the place as one huge Milgram Experiment.

Design Specifications

Institutions, customs and laws are never about the boy
  • Vesta belongs to women. Any Femdom is a by-product of female practical and aesthetic desires and needs. Most women don’t go the extra mile to create fetish action – they don’t need to. Women come to Vesta for a variety of reasons, but rarely because they are Dommes.
  • This is vital in order to support the psychological realism.
Day-to-day life is like ours but with a twist
  • Too much technology or exoticism makes it hard to identify with the characters or situations.
  • The setting in the alien-administered Adult Zone ensures that technology is limited and inconsistent.
There are never any free penises on Vesta
  • For story reasons, male chastity is a given. The most you can hope for is that the tip of your cup opens, enabling you to masturbate. All cups are flesh toned to match the skin of the man, but have a sligth masculine bulge.
Pregancy, STD and physical safety are not an issue
  • This is fantasy after all. However, the technology ensures this.
  • Vesta is home to many different cultures.
  • This is the far future. Once they hit early middle age, people live a very long time.

Background to the setting: The Adult Zone

Vesta is orbits a star in the Adult Zone. This is a region of the galaxy on the fringe of a civilization of inscrutable Aliens. Perhaps as an experiment, perhaps as a buffer zone or an attempt at social engineering, the Aliens have invited humans to found civilizations on terra-formed worlds in the zone, with the proviso that there will be no children. (Hence the name).

Aliens place severe limits on technology within the zone, except in the areas of Law Enforcement, Medicine, Space Transport. There's slightly more leeway for Agriculture, Transport and Construction. So expect aircars, construction machines and harvesters with female operators.
Even so, the experience on any of the planets is primitive compared to the rest of the human galaxy.

Assigning land rights
The aliens control the apportion of land on these Adult Worlds, however anybody with enough people an resources can apply to set up a state as long as it fits the planet’s general theme. If approved, the Aliens provide technology to support the desired culture, e.g. cups and rings for Vesta.

Cultural place in the Galaxy
The Adult Zone acts as a sink for humanity’s misfits and idealists. The worlds range from the grim and murderous to the utopian, e.g. a gladiatorial world, several gay worlds, more primitivist worlds, ones set up to be explicitly BDSM and so on.
Vesta fits into the utopian/idealist end of the spectrum.

Minerva and Femtopia and other settlements

The state of Minerva was settled by utopian Femnists who thought if gender wasn’t a social construct, then it damn well should be. They decided to set up a civilization in which everybody could be penetrated, but in which nobody had a penis. To this end the Aliens supplied chastity cups and violence inhibitors, and provided rather good hi-tech feeldoes.

In order to bump up the male numbers, the rich philanthropists behind Minerva threw money at the Minverva State University, bought in the best female teachers, and offered cheap education to males in the hope that some of them would stay.

There are two male castes in Minerva:
  • Student - skin-toned permanently closed chastity cups with prostate inhibitor. Few civil rights.
  • Citizen - skin-toned permanently closed chastity cups with no prostate inhibitor. Equal rights with female citizens, but no vote.

The prostate inhibitor simply detects pain and applies an electrical shock to the penis. It's theoretically possible for penetration to still lead to ejaculation, but the process would be very painful and not something you'd do yourself.

In addition, the campus has strict rules banning all sex toys.

Initial Success

The University proved surprisingly popular with young men, not least because doing a tour on Vesta implied learning to be a good lover.

Initially, most of the residents were transient students, while most of the actual permanent citizens settled into Lesbian relationships. There are a small number of male gay relationships,  

Breakaway State: Femtopia
However, some women found it was hard to persuade the men they loved to stay. Some felt that the closed cup policy was too draconian and did not give them enough leverage, or didn’t like penetrating men. And others believed that women were naturally superior, and wanted a more stratified society. 

Together they formed an alliance and applied to set up the State of Femtopia just across the Straits of Juno on the next-door continent...

Femtopia (The Free Territories of the Feminist Sexual Utopia) is modelled on pre-modern patriarchal cultures, but reversed.

Caste System
Femtopia imposes a caste system on men, intended to nudge them into permanent relationships:
Summary of Femtopia Male Castes
Caste (rank)
Free Neuter (1)
Closed, Full
Smoked Glass
Intended for visitors and contractors, but also adopted by guest workers.
Thrall (2)
Opens, Full, Program-able
When a woman owns one bondsman, he becomes a thrall.
Analogue of 1950s housewife. Obeys any direct simple orders from the mistress. She can adjust the settings on his cup, e.g. close it for a set time, has a mute button. Post orgasmic, she can open the cup enough to expose the tip of the penis.
Bondsman (2)
Opens outside service hours, Full
Lipstick Red
During service hours
When a woman owns two or more thralls, they become bondsmen.
Owes 8 hours service to his owner. Has no money of his own and may not be employed except by owner. The intention is that he should find a Mistress who will buy him out. Any post orgasmic woman can open the tip of his cup.
Neuter (3)
Closed, Tight
Bronze Look
A slave. The tight cup forces the testicles to “tuck” and covers the pubic triangle, giving a hairless neutered look. Obeys any direct simple orders from the mistress. Reputed continued state of arousal puts them outside their mistress’ social sphere.
Mute (4)
Closed, Tight
Iron Look
As Neuter, except mute.
Caste Movement
A male can sub-vocalize a key word. 24 hours later, he responds to a confirmation message and the police come to pick him up and transfer him to named resident, or to the auction house. The ex-owner receives no compensation.
Neuter and Mute were originally intended as “rock bottom”. All cups are flesh toned.
Cost to slave
Owner Compensated
Resets current tour + original tour
To named female resident (not immediately previous owner), unless promoting to Free Neuter.
No waiting
Resets tour
Compulsory sale via Auction, owner can’t bid.
3 months + 3 months wait for every previous Sideways Move.
Sale price –fee.
(But if you demote from Free Neuter, you can bank the money offworld)
To named female resident (not immediately previous owner).
1 month wait
Example: Peter signs up for a 1 year tour as a Free Neuter. However, he’s not quite good looking enough to find well paid work. After a month, he sells himself as a Bondsman to a coffee shop owner. He flirts with the customers, especially the beautiful Lydia and the slightly aggressive Freya. With 8 months to go,
Freya buys him as her thrall, (making the proprietor happy). However, Freya expects him to continue to work in the coffee shop for money, and to maintain a high-standard of housekeeping, and begins to mistreat him, withdrawing orgasm.
With 5 months to go, he has the following options:
  • Promote to Free Neuter - This will reset his tour, and add another year to it, meaning he will have 24 months to serve.
  • Move Sideways – This will reset his tour, giving him 12 months to serve.
  • Demote to Neuter – Only 5 months to go, but no chance of an orgasm.
He’s so desperate for an orgasm that he opts for sideways, which merely resets his tour.
However, he’s bought by a cleaning company. After 1 month, the hard work and constant beatings, and little chance to socialise and thus get off, make the role unbearable. Rather than wait 6 months before he can go for auction (since this will be his second move), he can either promote to Free Neuter and have 24 months to serve, or Demote to Neuter and have 11. He has little choice but give himself to a Lydia from his coffee shop days. She’s flattered but can’t afford to keep him. After a night of passion, she auctions him off.
A vengeful Freya happens to be at the auction, buys him and makes his life a living hell. Worse, she begins to force him to have anal sex. Since the possible consequences include both demotion and an extended time, he cannot afford to stick around. He demotes to Mute and opts to be auctioned – at least that way his new owner will be able to afford him.
Niki, a cabaret performer, buys him, and he looks forward to 10 months serving a fascinating woman. Unfortunately, befuddled by his pent up sexuality, he falls in love with her and promotes himself to her thrall.
From Mute to Neuter resets his tour, and adds the original time, taking him to 24 months. Neuter to Thrall adds the original time again, taking him to 36 months.
Niki is furious, and feels violated by his presumption and expression of love. She beats him and mistreats him. Thanks to his earlier compulsory sales, he still has a 6 month wait if he wants to move sideways. Unable to face any sort of slavery, he promotes again to Free Neuter – taking him to a 4 year tour – and begins a relationship with Lydia.
Unfortunately, after a year, Lydia’s career takes her off world. If he comes with her, his tour will be suspended, but the cup will remain closed. What’s more important to him? Love or the possibility of an orgasm…?
Meanwhile, the ring given to all women on Vesta enables them to assign demerits to men, with 5 demerits earning escalating public corporal punishment. Mistresses must pay a fine if their man has a public whipping, but can dodge this by administering the punishment themselves in one of the public whipping stations.
Consequences of Anal Sex
Though anal sex is encouraged in Minerva, in Femtopia it carries risks to the male. Several days after having an anally caused orgasm, there’s a 5% chance of Consequences. These are not fully known, and seem to change from time to time, but include: demerit; demotion and ownership or loss of ownership by the penetrator; significant time penalty; and bonding – only the penetrator can now pleasure the male anally. For Free Neuters, the Consequences are always initially bonding. Consequences can permanently change the status of visiting tourists.
Who comes to Femtopia
Of course, the parts of Femtopia nearest Minerva quickly came to resemble Girls Gone Wild on Spring Break. The tourism means that men are offered big bucks to do a tour as a Bondsman, and can also earn good money as a Free Neuter.
For more on Minerva and Femtopia, see below.
Other states
In time, Femtopia spawned other less well funded colonies which attract fewer males, these include:
  • Amazonia - Female supremacist. All men are closed-cup slaves with few social or legal rights, and a mute button. This gets a steady trickle of volunteers, but can’t really compete with the real Femdom worlds in the Adult Zone. Most “Amazons” are Lesbians, which is less fun than it sounds.
  • Neutralia - Apart from voting rights, men and women are equal. All resident men have cups that expose the very tip of their penises, essentially giving them a clitoris. Popular with gender benders. For everybody else, a very disorientating place to visit.
Other locations in the system
Other terraformed moons and worlds exist, most with Standard Gravity in the settled areas. All have the same basic conditions, but vary in theme, for example the neo-primitivist jungle world of Flesh.

Culture and Conditions
Fashion, gender relations and whether washrooms and showers are unisex tends to reflect the host culture and individual preferences.
Thanks to the limits on technology, day-to-day life is much like ours. However, most people are used to the high standards maintained by the AIs and droids back home, so initially find the place a bit shabby. Kept Men, Neuters and Mutes have to work very hard indeed to meet what their mistress regards as reasonable standards.

Immigration and Emigration

On arriving at the “Big O” orbital station, men are fitted with cup appropriate to their destination and caste, and women with a ring that enforces infertility and has various powers depending on the location.
Male tourists and visitors, e.g. spacers on shore leave, are always closed cup Free Neuters, but do not have a set tour. However, visas have a time limit. If you overstay, you automatically start a one year tour.
All men resident for more than a month must sign up for a tour, minimum of one year. A Free Neuter, and any other man with permission, has the option to leave at any time, but his cup remains active and closed. He must return and complete the tour before it can be removed. (Being alien technology, nobody even understands how the cups work.)
The rings deactivate on leaving Vesta.
Main vanilla reasons for male immigration are:
  • Cheap education
  • Money earned as Free Neuter, or by selling yourself into the Bondsman caste
  • Gigolo kudos (if you’ve done a tour on Vesta, girls assume you’re good in bed).
  • To accompany a female partner
Main reasons for female immigration:
  • Career – Vesta pays well.
  • Issues with sexuality
  • To have a break from men
  • Fun
Men coming to Vesta looking for “traditional” fetish-style Femdom are usually disappointed. The focus is rarely on them, and day to day life usually resolves around service, not sexuality.

Minerva and Femtopia – erotic tensions

Most of the Chastity Planet stories happen between Minerva and Femtopia.
New Athens like the rest of Minverva, is a mostly sedate university town with stone and brick buildings and retro architecture. There are pubs and clubs, but they close at midnight, and reasonable decorum is enforced.
The part of Femtopia with the best beaches is within easy commute from New Athens, but is under the shuttle path to the Space Port, meaning the property prices are low. So, though most of this area is therefore a sprawling strip development of clubs and pleasure beaches, it also includes the residences of those who prefer to live in Femtopia and commute to Minerva for study or work.
The inland settlements of Femtopia have a bohemian feel. The stunning landscape draws artists and poets, and eco-tourists.
Commuters and internal tourists
Kept Men can travel to Minerva as long as they have their mistress’s permission, so it’s quite common for student couples to shack up here and commute back (the males are closed-cup when in Minerva but maintain the same collar colour).
Similarly, the less well paid staff, or poorer female students, may well prefer to rent a house in Femtopia rather than share an apartment in Minerva. This is especially true of artists and musicians, who need space.
The beach area, of course, is very much girls gone wild. Parties of students come over on the rampage every weekend, and every vacation. Not all the makes make it back to class…
Public Image
Minerva portrays itself as a sedate, safe place. Whenever the topic of Femtopia comes up, the response is to dismiss the place as a a bit of an embarrassment but not ultimately significant - like Sun City in apartheid South Africa, or Vegas in the US.
Consequently, Minerva is the destination of choice for lady students from very conservative worlds, some of whom arrive with their own chaperons. Of course, there's a certain amount of collusion and self deception on the part of the parents.
Femtopia is careful to present a "safe girls night out" image, and not to dwell on the readily available sex- think contemporary Jamaica or Ibitha. Even so, few people would want the place on their CV.
Various inland resorts exist that portray themselves as Minvervan-style enclaves. The food and wine gives ladies of a certain age a good excuse to visit.


Almost any kind of femdom or chastity story is possible, ranging from the sweet romance through to the full blown revenge tale of a psycho ex girlfriend who tracks the hero down to Vesta.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second Honeymoon on Chastity Planet

This is the prequel to the dream I had the other night. It's send to end up in my new novel, "Chastity Planet"....

Elizabeth whirled into the apartment, arms outstretched, wavy blond hair flying, summer dress fanning out.”Darling! It’s wonderful!”

Lewis’s eyes flickered to his wife’s pirouetting bare legs and the groin cup seemed to tighten.

A warm breeze made the net curtains billow inward and brought with it the sound of a shuttle crackling up into orbit, back to equality and technology. Lewis set down the cases and eased a crick in his shoulders. He was going to miss the service droids more than he expected.

Elizabeth ran over to the window and pushed aside curtains and lent out. The posture made her calves tense against the leather straps of her high sandals.

Lewis's mouth went dry. Was this really his wife of ten years?

“You were right. It’s beautiful”. She turned. “And so much bigger than at home.” Her dark eyebrows lowered into a frown. “It’s not too much for you to manage?”

Lewis glanced around the room and imagined himself sweeping and mopping. His groin tightened and he was glad that the cup restrained his erection. It was what he came for, after all. But he wasn’t going to admit that. “It will be like reenacting ancient history.” He smiled. “It’ll be worth it for your career.”

Elizabeth’s toothy grin returned. “Well, come and look at the view.”

He wanted to start unpacking, but somehow found himself abandoning the cases and joining her at the window. They could see over the buildings between them and the beach, right across the blue water of the Minervan Straits.

“Beautiful,” breathed Lewis, meaning the warm electricity of her flank on his. He’d come here expecting to be turned on by the subordination and the danger. But it seemed the biggest excitement was his own wife. He slid his arm round her trim waist.

Out on the water, a whale breeched, flicked its tale and emitted a gout of white spray.

Elizabeth gasped.

Lewis drew her around and kissed her full on the lips.

She shook her head. “No. Get off.”

It was as if a magnet suddenly wrenched him backward. He found himself standing well inside the room, his cock beating against its prison like a second heart.

She turned and the sunlight shone through her dress revealing the shadowy curves within. “I’m sorry. It’s just I keep thinking about - you know.” She blushed.

Lewis managed a wry smile. “Well, you’re the boss at the moment.”

Her eyebrows lifted into a tragic expression. “Oh My God.” Her hand went to her mouth and she advanced on him. “Did I… When I said…”

Lewis fingered his red collar and laughed. “Your wish is my command.”

“Oh. Sorry sorry sorry!” She advanced on him and put a hand on his shoulder as if he were a wounded beast. “I had no idea that it would work this way.”

“It’s OK,” he said, trying not to smirk. He’d prepared a speech for this moment, but the throbbing in his groin made it hard to think. “I… I don’t think it will make much difference. I mean, this is your opportunity. So I’ll be looking after you anyway. And anyway I’d never force myself on you if I thought you didn’t…” He trailed off. It sounded so lame. She must realise-

-Elizabeth launched herself at him, drew his head down and kissed him full on the mouth. Her lips parted, inviting his tongue inside.

He kissed her back, his hips twitching of their own accord, driving his neutered groin against her navel.

She pulled free with a gasp. “You’re giving up so much for me!”

Lewis blushed and felt the guilt shrivel his abortive erection.

He had thought about her career, really he had. But that wasn’t why he’d nudged her to take a contract on Vesta and her gratitude made him feel like a heel.

He couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t a lie or a confession, so he reached his arms around her waist and drew her back to him and nuzzled her collar bone. Her skin was warm and salty from the heat of their journey and her musk went straight to his groin.

She emitted one of her snorting, deliciously dirty laughs and threw her head back to present her throat. “I’d forgotten how you could push my buttons.”

He walked his lips past her bead necklace, planting dry kisses all the way to the angle of her jawbone. Each contact of lip on skin, sent a jolt into his chastity cup, inflating his penis until it strained and prickled against its cell.

Elizabeth’s breathing quickened and she slumped against him.

Gently, as if handling a precious vase, he turned her around and gently lowered her to the bed, so her bare legs draped over the end.

She raised her face and brushed some stray locks from her forehead. “What are you… I mean what can you…?”

He put a finger to his lips. “Shh...” Then, kneeling, he slid his hands under her skirt, found the waistband of her sensible undies and gently drew them down her legs and over the straps of her sandals.

They lay on the tiles, frumpy and out of place in this world.

On the bed, Elizabeth sighed contentedly.

Lewis caught her behind the knees, drew her down the bed and draped her legs over his shoulders. The hem of her print dress furled back over her thighs, and there was her pussy - thick dark lips lurking behind a frizz the colour of her eyebrows.

Then her hot scent enveloped him. He dove forward, mouth open and kissed the her full on her labia, sucking the salty juices into his mouth, the taste churning his captive groin into a frenzy.

“Oh,” she said. “Yes please.”

A pulse went through Lewis’s down-pointing dick. He had to hold back the torrent! Clenching muscles he didn’t realise he had, he ploughed his tongue up through her slit, between the scritchy curls covering her outer lips and into the soft wet flesh beneath.

Her clitoris was waiting for Lewis, unhooded and hard like a nipple. He flicked it, then flicked again, lengthening his stroke so as to scoop up the juices overflowing from her vagina.

Elizabeth groaned, setting up another wet pulse in his groin.

Lewis tried to draw back on the building ejaculation, but then gave up - here on Vesta, he didn’t need an erection to pleasure his wife.

She gasped. “Gosh! Faster!”

Lewis made his tongue whir like a vibrator. She just lay there, unmoving, but whimpering while the seagulls cried beyond the window and the thirsty hardness in his groin ebbed and flowed like the tide, dripping semen into his briefs.

At length Lewis’s calves cramped from kneeling and the flap of skin under his tongue began to hurt. He slowed down, trying to bring things to a gentle close.

“No!” she gasped. “Don’t stop! Faster!”

And - thanks to the red collar around his throat - he could only obey his wife. All thought of his own pleasure forgotten, he worked on through the pain, lashing her clitoris with his tongue, slashing her juices all over his lips until his whole mouth blazed…

“Keep going!”

Again he could only obey.

The sense of his own helplessness clutched his groin like a mailed fist. His cock passed through a pleasant hardness into a prickling rigidity and—

—Elizabeth gave a long, long sigh and lay still. “Gosh. That was amazing. Come up and…” She half sat up, her hair wild and mussed, a flushed covering her face down to her throat and beyond. She grinned. “I was going to say shag me. But of course you can’t.”

Lewis clambered onto the bed and flopped down beside her. Lust was rippling over his body from the epicentre of his crotch. He wriggled out of his fisherman’s pants and clutched at the featureless bulge between his legs. The nano-plastic was warm to the touch, almost fleshy and tinted to match his skin. But he couldn’t feel anything through it… not yet, at least.

Of course! Since she’d had her orgasm, there was this brief window in which he was allowed his.

“Your ring,” he gasped. “Turn the stone.”

“Oh, of course.” She squirmed around to kneel beside him. Her eyes twinkling, she extended the ring finger of her left hand and reached for it with her right. “Let me see…”

Lewis pressed the tiny slit in the front of the cup. Any moment—

An electric shock went through his genitals. A disembodied voice said, “One Demerit.”

He sat up. “What the…?”

She gave a squeak of laughter and put her hand to her mouth. “I turned it the wrong way—can you forgive me?”

Two demerits left and he’d face a whipping! His cock pulsed and a squirt escape the slit. He really had to come, NOW. “I’ll forgive you if you twist it the other way,” he growled.

“Of course. One… Two… Three..” She made a great performance of turning the ring’s stone in the other direction. “Ta da!”


“I think the demerit cancelled it,” he said.

“Whoops!” She gave another dirty laugh. “Well, I think there’ll be more opportunities, don’t you?” She unfolded her legs, slid off the bed and pulled the dress over her head. “Come on, darling. Can you get the our swimming things?” She reached around to undo her bra. “I want to try the… (damned ancient design)… pool.” The undergarment fell away, leaving the skin of her breasts to glint in the soft light through the window.

Lewis’s cock twitched in its prison. He wanted to grab, grope, fondle, pet… but she’d told him to find the swimming things.

He handed her the bundled bikini top and bottom-

She grinned and reached out, making her breasts joggle in a way that caused a sympathetic squirm in his groin. “Thanks!”

—And he realised she had absolutely no idea that the software in his collar would take almost anything she said as an order.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A dream of Chastity Planet

Last night I dreamt of Chastity Planet and didn't know I was dreaming...

A very familiar looking English girl – Catherine - urged me out into the poolside. "Come on darling, It'll be fun!"

The sun beat down on my back and I felt everybody's gaze and blushed. Everybody knew my secret! Just being here meant that I'd agreed to having a chastity cup installed around my genitals.

But other men lounged around the pools - I was one among many. This was no private fantasy. This was a real place.

Catherine gave a happy snort of laughter. "This is fantastic! I'll get some drinks. Meet you in the water!"

She hurried off, all bright and brisk and leant on the bar. We'd been together ten years, but I feasted my eyes on her like a new lover.

Less than half an hour before, she'd clawed my back, screamed and grunted as I'd pounded the prosthetic penis into her.

Now, the love making was over, she was relaxed and normal. But part of me was still back up on the room and my groin throbbed and prickled with her every movement.

I kept getting flashes of how she'd looked sprawled on the bed, naked and spent.

I glanced down reflexively. On this planet, nobody could see my arousal through my swimming shorts. Even so, I felt dizzy and exposed.

I jumped down into the nearest pool, a gently bubbling Jacuzzi. The warm water embraced me, all, that is, except my sealed in genitals which felt like an island of dry in all that foaming wet.

"Crimped on at a cellular level," they'd said. I'd not really paid attention back then. Now it was as if I could feel all those nano-spikes rooted in my flesh and it suddenly seemed a that I'd done a terrible thing to myself.

There was a sharp twinge in my groin and a disembodied voice in my head said, "One Demerit".

"You splashed me," said a woman across the bubbling water from me.

I stared at her. She seemed normal, nice even, if a little wilted by the heat. There wasn't even any anger in her voice. But she'd brought me a step nearer a public whipping.

I had a vision of myself, stretched out on the frame, the lash drawing blood from my back. I should say something rude, provoke her, anything to get that whipping...

Except, I realised, I didn't want that whipping. It was one thing to have a secret fantasy, another to be really here.

This was too real.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Chastity Belt: Cassandra's Double?

When I wrote the Chastity Belt, I imagined a book called "1930s Ladies" - the kind of thing Taschen were publishing a few years back. Alas, no such book exists.

However, this - courtesy of Vintage Scans - could be a page from it... one of those showing a lady not unlike Cassandra.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ultimate Chastity Belt (What the Victorians did for us)

The Victorians didn't fetishise male chastity, but OMG did they make male chastity belts!

You see the metal parts knocking around museums and of course online (left).

Masturbation, you see, was a bad thing. Sapped the will and the sanity.

Now the Victorians were great engineers, and not consciously satisfying a fetish. They were designing something for nightly wear, or even 24/7. Even though the wearers hardly consented to the things, they were onanistic youths and lunatics, rather than prisoners.

So the nutjobs forcing the guys into chastity were actually doing it For Their Own Good, and were probably keen to minimize discomfort and avoid health problems...

This means that what we didn't get was something based on the a supposedly Medieval original (Neosteel example, right).

Sure, they look good, but they require tinkering before they feel great, and most wearers will tell you that you have to adapt to the belt, not the other way around.

The problem is the rigidity.

Humans are three dimensional, and when we lose or gain weight, or dimensions change. So, you're simply not going to be able to slap a steel belt on a fiendishly masturbating lunatic without a lot of tinkering. And, if you get it wrong, he gets sores, or gangrene, or gets access to his dick anyway - for example by lying on a hard floor.

Similarly, you can't put this on a sallow youth because he's still growing, or at least filling out. And, presumably, you're expecting him to do healthy activities like physical jerks.

No, not being overt chastity fetishists, the Victorian engineers started off with the idea of preventing access to the genitals, and worked their way out. What they ended up with was lockable underwear like this example from a museum in Prague (left.)

Look at it!

All the design problems have been solved for us (see also the design, right).

The genital shell accommodates the testicles with no chance of using the scrotum to pull out. The buttock chains are adjustable - the hanging straps are adjusted behind shields which become inaccessible when the belt is tightened. The chain is fabric covered to prevent pinching and chafing.

Finally, the girdle itself is adjustable and will bend to fit with the wearer.

--because most of the parts are made of leather!

OK, I don't know whether it's shower proof, but a modern equivalent could easily be made so.

The genital shell rather flaunts the penis - but a cup design would fix that.

The aesthetics are very Steam Punk - perhaps too much so for most fetishists, but it could be done in other colors with modern materials... I've knocked up something myself using polypropylene webbing which does very nicely indeed, and dries quickly after a shower.

Think about it - no modern materials are indestructible. Anything you're going to get a belt made out of will by definition be something that workshop tools can cut. So - fetish aside - why go for more security than "requires tools and conscious effort, and requires breaking the device".

So, if you're on a quest for the ultimate male chastity device, here it is. Now all you have to do is find somebody to make it for you! That will enable you to concentrate on masturbation, just not your own...:)

20% off the Chastity Belt

Lulu has an offer on.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Designing the world of the New 3rd Sex

At the moment, people seem split evenly on the question of whether and how chyaste men ejaculate in my third sex stories. What's interesting is that most people either want orgasms through anal sex, or spontaneous ejaculation without orgasm.

Since Chastity Planet already has the possibility of anal sex, my instinct is that chaystes don't get to orgasm; I don't want it to be about needy men pestering women for strapon sex, I want self contained men who pay for wild erotic activity with frustration.

But I'm also tempted by the idea of creating a slave gender. Suppose the alien device lets you orgasm through anal penetration, but only with one person. So, get drunk and seduced into a one night stand, and now there's only one person in the entire world who can make you have an orgasm... you'd have to be pretty careful who you let near you with a dildo.

(Orgasm could simply cause loss of will, but though that makes a great fantasy, it makes for a poor story.)

I suppose it depends on whether the aliens are orgone harvesting, or social engineering. If social engineering, then it's straying into the territory of chastity planet.

Oh to be a chayste slave in this room!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The impossibilty of full consent in femdom

My friend Fur Sissy has an interesting post on consent in femdom.

I've written about the paradox of consent before - that strange way in which, even though this is your fantasy, you're not actually in control. Not only are the roles real as long as you stick to them, in voluntary slavery, just like in real slavery, there is a cost to withdrawing consent.

It's this last that possibly raises moral issues.

We are truly enslaved, not by our ostensible slave status, but by the consequences of using a safe word: we are afraid of losing the kinky relationship.

In a vanilla relationship, kink probably means more to us than to her. In a lifestyle relationship, there are far more available bottoms than tops. Supply and demand puts us in a very poor negotiating position. So, just because we are kinky, it's inevitable we'll do things we'd rather not do; things that are non-consensual.

And, of course, there's meta-kink where having our consent violated turns us on, so it's not always clear to us whether we're consenting or not!

I've come to think of this real power imbalance as a good thing. I like being a slave.

However, I can see that a dom might have qualms at never knowing whether a sub is actually consenting to something, or will give his retrospective consent once he's come down.

I think the answer is just to accept that you're playing with evil. The only limits consistent with such are came are...
  • To ensure you can keep playing at evil: A very short laundry list of things that would boost you out of slave role - in my case, cross-dressing, and human waste would simply switch me off.
  • To limit the impact of the evil: Firm boundaries to do with real life consequences, for example, "No harm done to health or body, social or professional identity, no risky games"
Beyond that, if you have a bad time, or the play goes places that you don't like or leave you feeling icky; Tough.

That's the nature of the game you're playing. Just like sportsmen, sometimes things won't go your way. You can always amend the laundry list after the event.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I've reopened the Chastity Belt poll, since I've picked up some new readers.

I'm also curious about where I should go with what I'm starting to think of as my Third Sex stories, so I've added a poll for that.

I write and share my erotica for the interaction. So if you want to see more, please let me know what and why in the comments...

Friday, January 07, 2011

So do chayste men get to come? (You tell me...)

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of 5% of young men just randomly waking up with mysterious alien chastity belts nano-welded to their crotches - suddenly we have a true third sex; biological males with no access to their genitals.

But, do they get to have orgasms through anal stimulation?

Which is more interesting? Straight guys forced to seek out dildo sex, or with utterly no chance of any release except a bit of leakage? Or perhaps not even that.

What do you think?

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