Friday, December 05, 2008

Rather good vintage erotica site

I don't know how long it'll stay up, but here's the link to amateur site full of free galleries of scanned early 20th-century erotica, mostly French postcards.

As always, some have the bored rabbit look, but others - like this - achieve a sort of natural intimacy, in part because the ladies have realistic physique.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Chaste Affair

(Technically, this isn't Flapper Erotica, since the lady in question belongs to the 1900s. Would anybody like to know what happens next?)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The attraction of permanent chastity

The fantasy of permanent male chastity is attractive. It would be nice to say that it was "darkly attractive".

The truth is, that it is a "dark" fantasy - to never again be able experience a proper orgasm, masturbate or have sex - but the attraction itself is anything but dark.

Oh, sure, the threat of permanence spices up many a fantasy, and the moment of being trapped forever makes a deliciously sharp climax. But the lure of permanence for its own sake - rather than as a form of surrender to a mistress - is the siren song of safety.

Sex, for men at least, is dangerous.

No, really. We poor men grow up with mixed messages.
  • "Raw female sexuality is the ultimate beauty, but women's t experience of sex is tangled with emotions."
  • "The only appropriate sexual partner is a strong woman, but strong women don't just give into a man's lust."
  • "Desire is good, but selfish gratification is bad."
  • "Women can and should demand satisfaction, but a woman who does things for you may be doing it because she feels she has to. (Shame on you)."
  • "Women should be assertive, but a man should dread being a bully above all else."
  • "The female orgasm is all powerful, but you can never tell whether she's faking it for your sake."
How are we supposed to make love to a powerful woman, but without demeaning her, or in some subtle way emotionally blackmailing her into doing something she finds gross? Can we do this AND keep our hard-on?

Rather than, as you might expect, castration-lite, a male chastity belt is both a muzzle and a shark cage.

Put on a chastity belt and - with the logic of fantasy - you know what happens will be entirely for her sake; female sexuality in the wild, untrammeled by the phallus. And, you need not fear releasing this howling tornado of animal libido. Your penis will be locked away nice and safe, where voracious femininity cannot harm it, and where its state of hardness will remain forever a mystery - no performance anxiety here!

Until you take it off.

What if she's holding back because she knows its coming off next week and thinks I'll want a repeat performance, but with a 'live' penis? What if she does want a repeat performance?
(Gulp!) What if I mess it up, or can't get it up?

What if you gave her the key? Then it's about you again. Are you really being a pushy sub? Are you topping from the bottom?Is she going through the motions like all those long suffering pre-modern wives and mistresses? ("Yes you've been a naughty boy (yawn). You must be punished...").

Somebody online once wondered why anybody would crave permanent chastity. For them, the fun of a chastity belt was the power it gave the key-holder to withhold, blackmail and tease. With no prospect of release, there could be no tormenting hope.

And that is exactly it. The hope is tormenting... extremely tormenting for some people.

But throw away the key, rivet on the device... what a comforting fantasy.

The stuff of chastity fantasies

I'm not convinced this would work - the rivets don't actually go into the flesh - but it pretty much encapsulates the fantasy of permanent male chastity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Still thinking about flappers, but I'm not sure I can get a commercial story out of my Whips and Stockingtops setting...

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