Monday, June 28, 2010

"Sing if you're glad to be chayste"

This new story idea has got its hooks into me: a world where orgone-harvesting aliens have arbitrarily chastised 5% of the males between 18 and 40, turning them into chaystes.

Should there be a downside to getting turned on? Perhaps the aliens only have so many channels. So if you can just avoid sexual excitement for a few years, perhaps the thing drops off and they abduct some other sucker. This would make older chaystes somewhat suspect in the public eye. Or is it better to have "chayste" as an irrevocable identity that you just have to learn to live with?

Should people be able to tell that you're chayste?

If you can keep your chaysteness secret, then that gives us "coming out" stories, and scenes where she comes on to him, and he's trying to hide the fact he has no accessible genitals...

On the other hand, if the aliens collar their orgone donars, then that will mark them out as sexual targets for predatory young women, but also as safe playmates for intriguingly inhibited ones--

--realistically it's probably what the aliens would do, assuming they have any knowledge of humans.

What would they use? A collar or forehead crystal would be too easy to hide. How about a palm crystal, like in Logan's Run? Alien booby traps would prevent the obvious surgical solution. It would certainly be hard to hide from anybody you knew, but you could hide it most of the time in public spaces.

Perhaps it glows redder, the less orgone you produce. So, if you live the life of an ascetic hermit, it'll shine like a beacon, beckoning all the predatory females...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The real 3rd sex?

So, now Chastity Planet is pulling ahead. I wonder why?

Perhaps men who like chastity aren't always necessarily interested in traditional femdom except as a context for chastity.

Traditionally, the sexes are numbered 1-3:
1st Sex - Men who fuck women
2nd Sex - Women who fuck men
3rd Sex - Homosexuals...WHAT?

It's not logical, is it?

Let me propose, instead:
1st Sex - Straight
2nd Sex - Gay
3rd Sex - Chaste
Because, really, "Chaste" is a sexuality. I don't mean in a keyholder relationship. Nothing wrong with that (all clean fun). I mean full on prefers to wear a chastity belt for all erotic activity.

You know you're a bit chaste - should I spell it "chayste"? - if taking the device off at the end of an erotic encounter always feels like a bit of a come down, as if you were turning your back on another world.

How many people are fully chayste? Very few, I suspect. Most of us are straight, or gay as well.

But, imagine a world like ours, but where chayste was a recognised orientation? Perhaps one you didn't choose, but that you made the best of.

How do I get all these millions of young men into chastity devices, I wonder?

Obvious: Aliens harvesting orgone energy!

Suppose, from time to time, they just drop from the sky, grab a horny college boy and slap some alien tech over his privates? Nothing else would change, there'd be no new technology, no change in the laws. Just some frustrated guys powering distant flying saucers...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Survey Results so far...

The survey is bringing in some interesting results.

At the moment, my Whips and Stockingtops world is clearly lagging behind - I wonder if it's too similar to Chaste Britannia? Do whip-wielding chicks in togas have the edge over their stocking-clad counterparts?

Or perhaps an utterly dehumanised role for a slave just isn't that interesting. Is it more better if the mistress engages with her slave as a man?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Worlds of Chastity

(Original image from here.)

I was just thinking about how my four main settings offer a different relationship between slavery and Lesbianism:

In "Whips and Stockingtops", Lesbianism is the norm so you get plenty of f/f action, but no transgressive seduction. The good thing is that the slave's presence is taken for granted, so he gets to watch the action.

The world of "The Chastity Belt" is just our world plus a hi-tech CB. Our hero is sort of enslaved, and there are some juicy scenes where vanilla girls get seduced by this, but he's not going to routinely get to watch transgressive Lesbian seductions.

"Chaste Britannia" is my alternate Roman setting. It's quite normal to own a slave, and high-class ladies don't notice them. However, Lesbianism isn't so he does get to watch the seductions.

"Chastity Planet" is a pleasure world. The women who visit the place aren't used to having male slaves, and Lesbianism, when it happens, is transgressive.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brothel Slave

(double click for full size)

This one's haunted me for a while. It's one of those pre-1930 pictures you find knocking around the Internet and it seems to tell a story. There's something a bit scary about the lady, so....

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Slavery is not a sexual fantasy

A recent post by Saratoga reminded me that much of the attraction of slavery is not in itself sexual: it's a way of dodging the full complexities of adulthood, and the responsibilities of adult relationships - so much so that emotional fulfillment is the one thing the owner would certainly not get from it. In fantasy, and in historical reality, the owner doesn't notice the slave, or at least doesn't engage emotionally with him.

In bedroom play, the owner can enjoy some pampering and assisted masturbation. And longer daytime sessions offer her chore-free "me time". But for any longer; I think most women would get lonely.

In real slave owning cultures, the owners looked for emotional fulfillment to their friends and lovers - in my fantasies at least, all of them female...

...because, yes, sex does feature as part of the fantasy, whether watching my mistress go to it with her Sapphic lover, or providing a very personal service.

However, I do wonder whether much of the erotic charge of this odd sort of participant voyeurism is that it is an expression of the wider, non-sexual role...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stockingtops in 3D

It's rather odd watching this, as if the time-portal were just firing up.

He's achieved the effect by taking a stereo image - yep, porn drove technology, even back then - and simply using animation to flick between the two views.

End result... you could almost lift her the skirt of her slip. I wonder what you'd find...

More here...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Chastity Belt: What happened next....?

Actually, only I have the answer! It came to me out of the blue. I think I'll call it Chastity on the Beach. Here's a taster of the first draft...

Mark thumbed his way up Cassandra's spine. The suntan lotion made her skin glisten like warm toffee. She let out a long, "Mmmmm..." and his chastity belt tightened.

From behind him came the sound of splashes and giggles; the other two thirds of the Trio making the most of the Mediterranean. It would be nice to turn and watch, but slaves don't choose their own actions, and there was no place with these glorious girls except as a slave.

"Unclip the top," ordered Cassandra.

Mark smiled. The holiday sun had thawed and tanned the alabaster-skinned ice maiden, and streaked her chestnut hair with gold, but she was still the formidable girl he'd fallen in love with. Gingerly, he unfastened the bikini top and rolled his thumbs from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck, again and again, enjoying the sweep of her hourglass figure. Each sweep tightened his chastity belt until it felt as if a mailed fist clutched his lost penis.

"Cease." She shifted to place her arms by her side and turned her head to place her cheek on the mat. "Shoulder blades."

Mark knelt back, squirted some lotion into his hand and rubbed his palms to warm it.

A shriek and a splash came from the water.

He gave up and stole a glance into the glare beyond the sunshade.

The other two girls were well out in the private bay, fighting over a lilo. As he watched, Felicity hauled herself aboard and – sodden hair and bare breasts swinging - flopped onto the inflatable. Moira shot out of the water like a polka-dot porpoise and landed astride the larger girl. The water had turned the Scottish readhead's tied-back hair brown-black, but the sun had brought out her freckles, so it seemed that an exotic tattoo covered every inch of her exposed skin.

"Demerit," snapped Cassandra.

Mark's cock twitched inside the chastity belt. He bobbed his head, even though she wasn't looking. "Yes, Mistress."

As he thumbed her shoulder blades, the tingle of excitement faded into irritation. There was nothing erotic about his morning beatings; kneeling in the courtyard, too hungry, too bleary, to be turned on while a girl in a faded t-shirt laid into him with a riding whip. And yet, he had no choice. A guy sealed into indestructible chastity belt is lucky if he belongs anywhere at all.

Depression welled up in the pit of his stomach—-

--and his cock throbbed into life, hopelessly straining against his Quantumite prison.

Mark smiled. The good thing about being a masochist is that even the turnoffs are a turn-on... sort of.

"Legs now."

Mark shifted his hands to just short of her silver ankle-bracelet and kneaded the powerful calve muscle. Not fashionable legs, he decided. But the curves looked great in stockings. He frowned. Too hot for those at the moment. He worked his way up her near leg as far as the crease where thigh met rump. Then he leant over and repeated the procedure for the far leg. As he reached the top, she raised her hips.

"Remove the briefs and do my buttocks."

Mark slid jet black garment down her long legs. As he reached her ankles, he twisted his head and stole a glance. The tops of her thighs formed an arrow-shaped frame around her ruby labia.

The throbbing in the chastity belt merged into a solid, prickling, pressure. Mark licked his lips and remembered lapping at her crotch, willing his mouth with her juices. But that was before the Trio.

He bent over Cassandra's buttocks, using his weight to pummel and kneed them like rich dough. The hot, animal aroma of her vulva drifted up to tickle his nostrils. His mouth watered and his fingertips tingled with the knowledge that they were inches from the unattainable source - more unattainable now that it had been during his year long pursuit.

The giggles and splashes approached. Feet thudded on the sand.

At least back then, he had had a dark sort of hope. Now he was just a housekeeper, manservant and masseur.

Wet female flesh brushed Mark's flank, setting off a spasm in his penis. The chastity belt beeped, but nobody took any notice of that any more; no amount of self restraint could reduce his life sentence now.

Felicity cocked a leg over Cassandra's torso and shimmied. Water cascaded from her bare breasts and sodden hair.

"Hey!" Cassandra rolled over, breasts a streak of white. "You utter cow!" She started to sit up.

Moira pounced from the side and fastened her mouth on the Cassandra's nipple.

"Wet! Cold! Off!" expostulated Cassandra. "Off!.. Oh..." She lay back down. "Oh... I'm ready for this."

The petite Scots girl slithered astride Cassandra's thigh. The one-piece bathing suit with a retro-fringe of skirt made her look girlish, but the twitches of her pelvis were those of a woman intent on grinding her groin to orgasm.

Felicity giggled and dropped down next to the pair, forcing Mark to scrabble out of the way. She flicked back her hair, them carefully pinched Cassandra's free breast and slid her between her legs. Cassandra's lips went naked these days, the chestnut curls trimmed back for the easy access of tongue and fingertip – female tongue and fingertip.

Cassandra moaned and raised her hips, lifting Moira like a jockey riding a horse over a jump. "Christ, just do it! "

Felicity laughed. "Do what?"

Cassandra raised her head. "Finger me..."

Felicity gave the nipple a tug.

"Ah... Finger me, you bitch!"

"Like this?" Felicity's fingers slid inside.

Cassandra moaned and squirmed. The movement triggered a squeal from Moira. The tiny Celtic lass twitched her hips into a frenzy, and whimpered into Cassandra's captive breast--

--and Mark just knelt there on the edge of the shade, waiting for orders, and watching. His chastity belt throbbed like a second heart and he found himself swaying in time to Moira's grindings.

Perhaps the Trio had turned him into some sort of sexless servant. But they were worth it....

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