Thursday, June 24, 2010

The real 3rd sex?

So, now Chastity Planet is pulling ahead. I wonder why?

Perhaps men who like chastity aren't always necessarily interested in traditional femdom except as a context for chastity.

Traditionally, the sexes are numbered 1-3:
1st Sex - Men who fuck women
2nd Sex - Women who fuck men
3rd Sex - Homosexuals...WHAT?

It's not logical, is it?

Let me propose, instead:
1st Sex - Straight
2nd Sex - Gay
3rd Sex - Chaste
Because, really, "Chaste" is a sexuality. I don't mean in a keyholder relationship. Nothing wrong with that (all clean fun). I mean full on prefers to wear a chastity belt for all erotic activity.

You know you're a bit chaste - should I spell it "chayste"? - if taking the device off at the end of an erotic encounter always feels like a bit of a come down, as if you were turning your back on another world.

How many people are fully chayste? Very few, I suspect. Most of us are straight, or gay as well.

But, imagine a world like ours, but where chayste was a recognised orientation? Perhaps one you didn't choose, but that you made the best of.

How do I get all these millions of young men into chastity devices, I wonder?

Obvious: Aliens harvesting orgone energy!

Suppose, from time to time, they just drop from the sky, grab a horny college boy and slap some alien tech over his privates? Nothing else would change, there'd be no new technology, no change in the laws. Just some frustrated guys powering distant flying saucers...



Will said...

Personally, I just like a good sci fi chastity story.

Good Idea for a new story, though.

Giles English said...

Yes, but I'm not sure what would happen in it...