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More questions from Insomniac Night Owl (cont)

Insomniac Night Owl is still helping me build my erotic world, Vesta...

1) Female Immigration - For women on Vesta, what are the practical differences between being a tourist, a resident alien with papers, and a citizen?

Tourists can't own a man. However, in some colonies, they can rent one.

2) Galactic Class? - So, is the main university of New Athens the interstellar equivalent of the Ivy League, Oxford, and Princeton?

Yes, or perhaps one step below. Plenty of financial backing gives them the capacity to bring in major professors for one or two years. A bit like Vegas.

3) "Incest" in Femtopia - Can a woman in Femtopia own her brother/father/son's contract?

Yuk. Let's not go there. (Suspect the software would prevent this.)

3) International Contracts - Can Femtopian males be owned by non-Femtopian females & legal entities? Could a Minervan business student buy a couple of bondsmen for a start-up? Or could Interstellar Expeditions (of Arcturus 7) own a couple of males to serve as local tour guides?

You can carry ownership with you between "slave" colonies, but you can't own a "native" man unless you're settled there. For this reason, not sure I should let corporations own men. In general, a strict rationing system prevails, preventing a small number of rich women or companies owning all the men.

4)Males Owning Males - Can a Femtopian male own another male? Can he found a company to buy his own contract?

I think the legal system makes this impossible, in some cunning but unspecified way. Obviously, off world wealth could make all sorts of de facto arrangements possible, but I think the penalties would be nasty, e.g. perhaps being sold to Amazonia.

5> Spaceport/Station Policy What are the rules of the main Vestan spaceport? Does it adhere to purely Minervan rules, or is it the sort of place where each colony-nation's semi-apply (and thus incoming Minervan freshmen might rub shoulders with an Amazonian and her half-naked slaves)?

I think it's quite an exotic place, where people tend to carry their cultural rules with them. However, there aren't many reasons for an Amazonian to be there with her slave unless they're shipping out for good.

And a couple of random thoughts:

A)Male Masturbation in Neutralia - I think you want to impose limits on male masturbation in Neutralia - at least solo masturbation. If Neutralian males have unlimited orgasmic privileges, it seems to take away from the general feel of a "chastity planet" - and the focus on the women of Vesta.

Simply rule a Neutralian male's cup closes when not in proximity to another resident of Vesta would do the trick - and help enforce the idea of a unisex utopia (since even another male would work). Or, more complex, you could state that a Neutralian male's cup closes whenever his hands approach it, unless overruled by a Neutralian female's ring.

Good point. The ring is probably the best idea.

I have been tinkering with the idea of having at least one colony where the cups are only openable for brief windows each month.

B) "Fixed" Females - the possibility of women experimenting with feeldo/cup combinations gives a whole new meaning to "gender studies", dosen't it?

Probably not what I'd write, but entirely possible within the world. The female cup wouldn't be alien tech though.

C) Vegan Feminist Hippies - Out of curiousity, are there any women on Vesta who aren't feminist (if not outright female supremacist)? Somehow, I have a hard time picturing any of the four colony-nations tolerating male chauvinism.

Some of the students at New Athens come from quite conservative worlds, and are there - like young Mormans sewing their oats - to have a wild time, but come back virginity intact. Femtopia has the feel of the old fashioned battle of the sexes, but with women in the ascendency.

D) Gender Balance - Keeping Amazonia and Neutralia gender balanced (50/50 mix) is going to be hard. It still seems like there'd be a lot of male interest in Neutralia (unlimited orgasm & potential for lesbian orgies)?

Neutralia doesn't have the funding that Minerva has. It's also a bit too gender bendy for most males. Some men probably start off there and then rush to transfer to somewhere less disorientating.

Conversly, Amazonia looks like it would have a hard time competing with . . . well, any of the other colony-nations for males.

Yes. Apart from hardcore male fetishists, it partly relies on paying big bucks. Remember, most of the action isn't wild BDSM - the male slaves mostly act as butlers/maids/assistants. I'm sure a certain amount of fishing goes on as well - the with pretty Amazonians going to other locations to lure men in.

A 10:1 male-female ratio... [might be better]
Not the vibe I'm after.

E) I'm not sure you want to impose a sucks-to-be-male cup configuration on all males leaving Vesta. I was picturing it something like the old "Damned" caste - something miserable and painful, and that would motivate males to work to get things back the way they were. And imposing it on all males abroad would interfere with recruiting (a nice, broad -if closed- cup is so much more attractive than a tight/evil format)

I mean, if you leave before your tour is over, you leave your collar behind, and all the attached functionality. So you're just down to an inert cup in tight or broad format. I don't think anybody will be flashing theirs around...

Monday, March 28, 2011

More questions from Insomniac Night Owl

1> If Minerva considers gender a social construct, does that mean it makes no difference between hetero-, homo-, and bi-sexual relationships? And that longterm residents see nothing odd with any pairing (or group) of romantically involved individuals?


2> If all males are communally owned in Amazonia - and women aren't allowed to "call dibs" on their favorites - does that mean the males all live communally (in dorms/barracks/etc.)

No! Males in Amazonia are owned by individuals. (I like the idea of free floating compliant males, though.)

3> If Amazonia doesn't use the demerit system, and guarantees the bodily integrity of the males, how does it punish troublemakers?

Just as slaves have always been punished - whips and chains.

4> Which way does Amazonia skew: angry female supremacists (men are scum, they should be punished as often as possible), or more positive (men are just inferior and should be pitied - and controlled - to keep them out of trouble)?

It doesn't. There's a big element of "pot luck".

5> What's the gender balance of the four major colony-nations? 50/50? 60/40? 90/10? And if skewed, are there more males or females?

About 50/50, I think. (I am aware that I am probably cheating on this.)

6>How does Minerva view female sexuality (and the female sex drive)? Is it considered a vice (albeit less of one than the male equivalent)? Or is it celebrated (and only the male needs are viewed askance)?

I think there's a measure of denial about it. The aim is to create a tranquil feminine environment where everybody does yoga...

7> What are the core principles (i.e. minimum requirements) that any Vestan colony-nation must adhere to? Is it just a requirement that males be "fixed" (anti-violence collar & anti-penetration chastity cup)? Or are there others?

Good question. Anti-violence collar and anti-penetration cup with built in temporary sterility. (Aliens don't want this zone filling up with humans...)

8> Can a female in Neutralia experiment with artificial male (feeldo) gentitalia constrained by a chastity cup, in order to better blur the gender lines? Can a Minervan female?

Eek. Cool idea. I'm sure it happens.

9>Can Femtopian females sell their neuters to Amazonia? Can they buy males off Amazonia?

No. I think a male can opt for sale to Amazonia rather than a transfer or demotion.

10>What standard are you judging "worse" by? It seems like you consider Minerva to be the "best" colony-nation for men to immigrate to - but it seems like Neutralia (overall) is even better. And I'd argue that Femtopia - while riskier (because of the demerits) - is at least equally as good (since it also allows sexual pleasure), particularly for males who immigrate with a loving/compassionate female partner.

They all have their downsides.

In order to preserve the male/female ratio, Minerva offers good cheap education to young males, and pays good rates for various service jobs. These can be completed in short tours, with cupless breaks off planet.

Femtopia is more fun, but lacks the educational opportunities and has risks.

Neutralia atracts fewer females, so thus has less money knocking around. You'd really only want to go there if that was what you actually wanted. Think of it as a sort of hippy commune.

11>Do you still consider Vesta a pleasure planet - and with a pleasure planet's reputation? Or is it a "normal" world with just some "eccentricities"?

It's an experimental colony. Parts of it are pleasure planet, but only for females :)

A) Neutralia needs more development - particularly since it seems to be in direct competition with Minerva, and (for males) it seems to be an even better deal. (Basically) equal civil rights and unrestricted access to orgasms? Any male immigrant would have to be a fool to turn that down, unless he was really into femdom and/or chastity. And with its gender neutral status, (in practice) it seems to overlap with Minerva's attitudes toward gender - since neither (officially) acknowledges a difference between genders.

Yes, Neutralia has much in common with Minerva. As per above, it has less money knocking around, and no galaxy class colleges. It's the place where the vegan feminist hippies live.

B) Giving males full & equal civil rights in Neutralia and (particularly) Minerva looks like it would pose structural issues. If males have a vote (and right to form protests), then (at some point) it seems like they would move to amend the Minervan constituion to allow their cups to open - and they're likely to get some female support for the position. At that point, it seems like the original purpose of Minerva would be lost, or the aliens would have to invade to re-impose the original rules (which would certainly hurt immigration -and possibly bring other planets into the situation/war).

The rules are imposed automatically using GPS, and cannot be altered. That's the whole idea of the setting - semi normality with a twist.

C> Oh, and for the term to describe a male "demoting" to thrall, may I suggest "dedicating", "devoting", or "pledging" (himself), as a more positive term?

D> I’d also like to suggest trying to avoid making any one colony “better” than the others - try to leave at least one strong non-fetish advantage for each culture, and one serious drawback.

Good point.

E>It might suit Amazonia to use non-flesh tone colors for their cups - the better to emphasize that the males are "lesser beings" who have to be controlled. Perhaps metallic (for a "traditional" look), or maybe something bright and obvious (maybe the the Amazonian flag, or crest, covers the entire thing).


F>A final suggestion would be to encourage strong trading/sporting links between the different colony-nations. For example, you could have a lot of fun (short story wise) having students from Minerva travel to Neutralia or Amazonia to "study abroad" or for sports competitions.


Z> How do the anti-violence collars work? Are they able to detect violent impulses, or does it take some initial act/symptom of violence to trigger (fresh blood, for example)? Or is there a way for them to sense the presence of another person, and prevent the male from approaching (without permission)? And do they simply inhibit the action (as a form of paralysis), or is it more of a shock collar model?

They have AI built in, and combine situational awareness with bio monitoring.

Y> You might want to give the female rings a "panic button", as a form of ultimate reassurance for the women.

Good idea. Would, again, involve AI, so would be context-driven.

X> Again, as a last ditch thing, it might be worth putting the chastity cups on a dead man switch - where the default setting is the absolute worst for the male - closed, tightest fit, etc. And if something major happens - the aliens disappear, a way is found to tamper with the cup, etc. - the males with better settings (Neutralian, high caste Femtopians, etc.) all devolve back to the absolute worst setting possible (for them).

That's what happens if you leave planet. :)

W> On a different topic, you might want to limit the technology of the human-ruled worlds outside the Alien/Adult Zone. If humans don't have self-replicating nanotech, and human tech follows its current path, the really sophisticated stuff (computers, biotech, etc.) would requires large, phenomenally expensive facilities to manufacture - and shipping across the galaxy (or universe) is likely to be very expensive.

I'll probably simply avoid this issue by not talking about it. I'm aiming for a TV SciFi level of "authenticity". The implicit assumption is that culture is still recognisable.

V>Do the women of Femtopia deliberately cultivate their own sexuality (and sexual appeal to males)? You could make an argument that they (and actually many of the women of Vesta) should be learning to belly dance, study tantric sex methods, do cardio-striptease (instead of yoga) for aerobic exercise, and so on. On one hand, it could be used to squeeze more labor (or devotion, or female orgasms) out of the males is a good reason to do so. And on the other, it could be an expression of the inherent feminity (and how they're different/better than the males)

Just as in our world, some do and some don't. In Femtopia, some particularly enjoy seducing neuters.

U>On the previous post (the Rule of Ten one), you have an image of a nude male performing cunnilingus on a female. Is that the kind of thing a Femtopian female can expect upon coming home after a hard day's work? Is that more an Amazonian thing? Neither? If so, would the female (of either culture) be embarrassed to have her friends see such a thing (assuming she's a long time resident, and not a newcomer)?

Nature, timing and frequency of erotic service would depend on the relationship for Thralls, and ultimately on the woman. In Femtopia, normal rules of decorum apply, though might be broken. Amazonia... not sure.


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Insomniac Night Owl's questions

As usual, Insomniac Night Owl has asked some interesting questions about Vesta, AKA "Chastity Planet".

1) Other than voting (and sexual) rights, are male residents considered the equals of females in Minerva? Is there anything to prevent a "male suffrage" movement, or "open our cup" protests?

(For those who've just tuned in, Minerva is the original Utopian adult only settlement where the males all wear alien tech chastity cups.)

Yes, they have equal rights. However, the constitutions of individual settlements are guaranteed by the Aliens who own the Adult Zone.

2) What is the founding principal/culture block for Amazonia? Is it a lesbian culture that grudingly admits males (for a constitutional obligation, some sort of gender based health concern, etc) out of necessity? Are they outright female supremacists who keep males around to underscore their philosophy? Is it a colony of sexual abuse victims that uses the chastized males as therapy?

Haven't visited there yet. However, since this is escapist erotica, I'd tend to stay clear of the rehabilitation angle.

I think it's primarily female supremacist, however there will be a variety of motives for going there, not least the being served hand and foot.

3) Does the position of males in Amazonia correspond to one of the Femtopian castes? Or is it a unique level?

Unfree Neuters. Very much slaves in the mundane sense. Since there's no escape route, the situation is worse than in Femtopia.

4)Other than sexual fetish, is there any reason for males to go to Amazonia (either short term or as a long term resident)? If so, what is the attraction(s)?

It's a big galaxy, and Amazonia is a small state! Subtler than straight up fetish is the desire to subordinate to a female. The relationships can be quite nurturing. Also, there are big bucks to be earned by selling yourself for a tour.

5) How do heterosexual relationships work in Amazonia? Is there some semblance of dating/courtship, or does a woman just grab the guy off the street? Is a male allowed to ask a woman out in Amazonia? Is he allowed to refuse her request for sex?

The men are all slaves and have no more control over their fate or bodies than historical slaves, except that physical safety is guaranteed.

6) Do Neutralia and Amazonia participate in the demerit system? Do they have their own color codes for the collars?
No. Neutralia is a unisex utopia. Amazonia is a slave state.

~For Amazonia, at least, it seems like you might want to have one collar for "free"/communally owned males, and another color for ones who currently have a mistress (lets the women know whether a male is fair game, or if someone's gonna complain).

See above. The only men in Amazonia are slaves.

7)What is the founding block/principal for Neutalia? Romantics desiring a "non-aggressive" sexuality (defining penetrative intercourse as aggressive)? Transvestites? Something else?

Not sure yet. Possibly - like most real states - a confluence of contrasting interests, i.e. everything!

8)Does Neutralia use gender neutral clothing? Can people where the clothes of either gender? Can women go topless, or do both genders need to wear shirts? What about lingerie/swimwear?

I'll let you know when I find out!

9)How does the demotion from Free Neuter to Thrall work in Femtopia? Is there a wedding-style proposal? Do friends/family celebrate? Or is it just a matter of filing paperwork?

I'll need a better term than demotion. "Transfer" perhaps? As for ritual... no tradition to do with proposals, no paper work either - since the whole system works of key word commands. However, I suppose there'd be the equivalent of a stag night, and complexities about prexisting friendships with other Free Neuters.

10)Are there any reasons to travel between the different colony-nations?

The usual - business, tourism. Some advantages in going from Femtopia to Minerva, since F/;M anal penetration has no random penalties in the latter.

Are cup sizes/access determined by the local rules, or by whatever the lowest/least applicable rule is?
Something like that.

Do the colony-nations have to return males seeking to "defect" (or run from their mistresses)?
Do the other colony-nations recognize individual female claims to particular males (such a Femtopian's bondsman)?

No. However, the tour timer stops counting down if you leave your assigned state for more than a couple of weeks.

11)Are the chastity cups purely to restrict access (and mount dildos)? Or do they have other functions? For example, you've mentioned they might have "teasing" or "punishment" modes. Do they do other things, to?

Depends on the state. Vesta is built to be non-male orientated.

12)Are there "leash laws" in some colony nations? Does a male's collar display his mistress's name?
Quite possibly. Yes - collars display names.

13)Do bondsmen (etc.) have to be owned by individuals? Or can they be owned by legal entites - corporations, trusts, governments?
All of the above. However, there will be caps on numbers depending on supply and demand.

Then, regarding Femtopia:

Bondsman/Thrall distinction
Neither has property rights. However, the Thrall is on duty 24/7, whereas the Bondsman is off duty after his 8 hours.

The real distinction is that Bondsmen are an investment. You can't make that much money renting them out, because there are plenty of Free Neuters providing free, or quasi-free competition. However, you can make a nice return selling them on as Bondsmen.

You can only own one male - Thrall, Neuter or Mute - but you can have several Bondsmen.

What prevents most women from mistreating their bondsmen is the fear that they will demote or transfer to escape if they are treated as badly as the lower ranks.

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The law of ten

According to the Kinsey Institute website:
"A study looking at message board posts found 71% of heterosexual males but only 11% of heterosexual females and 12% of homosexual males prefer a dominant role when engaging in sexual bondage."

“14% of men and 11% of women have had some sexual experience with sadomasochism”

Let’s assume that these figures are roughly correct. Roughly a tenth of straight women have played BDSM games. Out of them, one tenth identify as sexual
ly dominant.

So, imagine there are 100 women in your widest possible social circle, only 10 of them are remotely likely to be the kind of person who’s easily BDSM friendly, and out of them one (1) identifies as sexually dominant.

If you can find her, you’re competing with between one and three other guys, and one of them’s probably her boyfriend.

This is what it looks like:

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Excerpt from "Chaste Honeymoon"

Lewis woke on the couch.

He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the clock. “Two in the morning!” He stumbled to the bedroom, but the bed was still made. Panic welled up in his gut. Elizabeth never stayed out late. But the Femtopia Tourist Office promised, “The safest girls night out in the Galaxy.” Nothing bad could happen to here, or in any other of the different states of Vesta.

A familiar snorting giggle drifted up from the courtyard.

Lewis exhaled. That was what woke him. He hurried to the kitchen to get the antique coffee machine going. He scalded himself a couple of times, but managed to produce a mug of latte that he hoped his wife would approve of. He brought it back through to the living room and placed it neatly on a coaster. If he could get her onto the couch, he could go down on her, and then she might let him come.

Down in the courtyard, Elizabeth was deep in conversation. The other voice was deeper but feminine.

Lewis waited, watching the milk go flat.

At last, he stood up. “I’m not a damned slave.” He marched out to the balcony and lent over to look down into the courtyard garden they shared with the other apartments.

His wife was sprawled on double-lounger next to a woman with bobbed black hair – Tallulah. Lewis opened his mouth, then remembered how casually the woman had given him a demerit.

“I think I can see our home star,” said Elizabeth.

“So,” drawled Tallulah. “How do you like your new home?”

Elizabeth giggled and crossed her legs. “It’s a bit… wild.”

Tallulah twisted and propped herself up on one elbow. Lewis saw that the back of her mini dress was just a web of strings. “It’s supposed to be wild.”

“Lewis made it sound like a Feminist Utopia.”

Tallulah laughed. “It is. But I think the men expect something kinkier.”


On the balcony, Lewis blushed.

“You know,” continued Tallulah. “Whips and chains. Women in charge.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No. Lewis isn’t like that.”

“Really. Who’s idea was this?”

There was a long silence. Then Elizabeth said, “So you think all this excites him?”

“You’ll have to ask him yourself.” Tallulah lent over and kissed Elizabeth on the lips. “You excite me.”

Elizabeth sat bolt upright. “Gosh.” She gave a snorting laugh. “I… I haven’t done this since girl’s school. I… I thought you fancied Christina.”

“She’s more your type. I just used her as bait to get you out for the night.”

“Type? I don’t have a type. I mean, she is gorgeous, but I’m str—“

Tallulah turned her head and kissed her.

Elizabeth made a throaty mewling sound. She put her hands around the other woman’s head and clamped her close.

Tallulah reached behind herself and worked a lever. The recliner straightened out into a bed. She eased Lewis’s wife down to lie on her back. She brushed aside her long blonde hair and nibbled her ear. “Can you still see your home star?”

“I’m not sure any more.” Elizabeth caressed the other woman’s bare back between the strings. “You have such smooth skin.”

“Regular massages from my mute.” Tallulah stroked the inside of Elizabeth’s knee. The hand crept up under the hem of her summer frock.

“You have a mute?”

“You have panties on.”

Elizabeth giggled. She caught the other woman’s wrist. “I thought you didn’t like men.”

“Can’t stand them,” said Tallulah. She lent over and kissed Elizabeth’s throat. “But mutes don’t count. They might as well be an android. Mine doesn’t even have a name.”

“You’re terrible.” Elizabeth released her grip and slid her hand up the outside of Tallulah’s dress. “You’re not wearing underwear.”

“I like to stay cool.”

“I think I’m overheating,” said Elizabeth, with a dirty snort.

“I can fix that,” said Tallulah. She knelt up, reached under the dress and tugged.

Elizabeth rolled back and drew in her knees, and Lewis glimpsed the dark blonde bush between her honey-colored thighs.

Tallulah threw the undies over her shoulder. “You won’t need these again.”

Elizabeth raised her head. “I will when I go home. They were expensive.”

Tallulah shuffled over to kneel between Elizabeth’s legs. “Well, get your Louie to find them in the morning.”

“It’s Lewis…” Elizabeth started to sit up. “He’s waiting for me. And I happen to be married to him.”

Tallulah laughed. “He shouldn’t have persuaded you to come to Vesta, should he?”

Another snorting laugh. “Probably not.” Elizabeth lay down and opened her legs. “Do you worst, you evil predatory lesbian.”

Tallulah lowered her head. “Mmmmm.”

Lewis’s mouth went dry and he felt sick. He was about to lose Elizabeth to another woman and…

Elizabeth groaned. “It’s been so long… you’re hitting just the… Oh gosh!”

A rhythmic squelching sound reached Lewis’s ears and seemed to echo inside his chastity cup. The world spun and he clung to the balcony railing…

…and still Tallulah lapped at his wife’s groin.

Elizabeth drew in her legs. The heels of her sandals scraped the padded surface. “Don’t stop!” She hunched forward, caught the back of Tallulah’s head, and crushed her into her groin. “Yes! Oh golly gosh! Yes!” Then she flopped back. “Wow.”

Tallulah rose up on her knees and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “It takes a woman to know, no matter how well you train a male… Speaking of which…” She cocked a leg over Elizabeth’s and shuffled forward so that their groins were pressed together. “It’s my turn.”

Elizabeth half sat up. “Oh.” She shook her head. “No. I’ve never done that. Really, I’d like to… but… I don’t know…”

“It’s OK. Come up to my place. I’ve got toys.”

Elizabeth dragged her legs free and swung off the lounger. “Next time perhaps. I’ve need to go to bed.” She turned and ran towards the steps.

Tallulah watched her go, shrugged and set off for the steps on the other side of the courtyard.

Elizabeth’s heels clacked on the stairs.

Lewis hurried back into the apartment and a red haze seemed to settle over him. If the bitch thought she could cheat on him…

The front door opened as he reached it.

“I…” he began.

Elizabeth stood on tiptoe and pushed her tongue into his mouth. It acted like a piston, forcing blood into his penis.

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Help? Good BDSM web resources

I'm putting together a booklet summarising my approach to getting a vanilla partner to do femdom. What it could really do with is a good appendix listing web resources for BDSM and Femdom in particular, and safety in particular.

If anybody's reading this, I'd be really grateful if you'd share!

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Johnnys Vintage Archives

If you haven't already done so, check out Johnnys Vintage Archives. He's been restoring old erotic - he calls them risque - photos, and the results are awesome.

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