Monday, January 17, 2011

A dream of Chastity Planet

Last night I dreamt of Chastity Planet and didn't know I was dreaming...

A very familiar looking English girl – Catherine - urged me out into the poolside. "Come on darling, It'll be fun!"

The sun beat down on my back and I felt everybody's gaze and blushed. Everybody knew my secret! Just being here meant that I'd agreed to having a chastity cup installed around my genitals.

But other men lounged around the pools - I was one among many. This was no private fantasy. This was a real place.

Catherine gave a happy snort of laughter. "This is fantastic! I'll get some drinks. Meet you in the water!"

She hurried off, all bright and brisk and leant on the bar. We'd been together ten years, but I feasted my eyes on her like a new lover.

Less than half an hour before, she'd clawed my back, screamed and grunted as I'd pounded the prosthetic penis into her.

Now, the love making was over, she was relaxed and normal. But part of me was still back up on the room and my groin throbbed and prickled with her every movement.

I kept getting flashes of how she'd looked sprawled on the bed, naked and spent.

I glanced down reflexively. On this planet, nobody could see my arousal through my swimming shorts. Even so, I felt dizzy and exposed.

I jumped down into the nearest pool, a gently bubbling Jacuzzi. The warm water embraced me, all, that is, except my sealed in genitals which felt like an island of dry in all that foaming wet.

"Crimped on at a cellular level," they'd said. I'd not really paid attention back then. Now it was as if I could feel all those nano-spikes rooted in my flesh and it suddenly seemed a that I'd done a terrible thing to myself.

There was a sharp twinge in my groin and a disembodied voice in my head said, "One Demerit".

"You splashed me," said a woman across the bubbling water from me.

I stared at her. She seemed normal, nice even, if a little wilted by the heat. There wasn't even any anger in her voice. But she'd brought me a step nearer a public whipping.

I had a vision of myself, stretched out on the frame, the lash drawing blood from my back. I should say something rude, provoke her, anything to get that whipping...

Except, I realised, I didn't want that whipping. It was one thing to have a secret fantasy, another to be really here.

This was too real.

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