Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second Honeymoon on Chastity Planet

This is the prequel to the dream I had the other night. It's send to end up in my new novel, "Chastity Planet"....

Elizabeth whirled into the apartment, arms outstretched, wavy blond hair flying, summer dress fanning out.”Darling! It’s wonderful!”

Lewis’s eyes flickered to his wife’s pirouetting bare legs and the groin cup seemed to tighten.

A warm breeze made the net curtains billow inward and brought with it the sound of a shuttle crackling up into orbit, back to equality and technology. Lewis set down the cases and eased a crick in his shoulders. He was going to miss the service droids more than he expected.

Elizabeth ran over to the window and pushed aside curtains and lent out. The posture made her calves tense against the leather straps of her high sandals.

Lewis's mouth went dry. Was this really his wife of ten years?

“You were right. It’s beautiful”. She turned. “And so much bigger than at home.” Her dark eyebrows lowered into a frown. “It’s not too much for you to manage?”

Lewis glanced around the room and imagined himself sweeping and mopping. His groin tightened and he was glad that the cup restrained his erection. It was what he came for, after all. But he wasn’t going to admit that. “It will be like reenacting ancient history.” He smiled. “It’ll be worth it for your career.”

Elizabeth’s toothy grin returned. “Well, come and look at the view.”

He wanted to start unpacking, but somehow found himself abandoning the cases and joining her at the window. They could see over the buildings between them and the beach, right across the blue water of the Minervan Straits.

“Beautiful,” breathed Lewis, meaning the warm electricity of her flank on his. He’d come here expecting to be turned on by the subordination and the danger. But it seemed the biggest excitement was his own wife. He slid his arm round her trim waist.

Out on the water, a whale breeched, flicked its tale and emitted a gout of white spray.

Elizabeth gasped.

Lewis drew her around and kissed her full on the lips.

She shook her head. “No. Get off.”

It was as if a magnet suddenly wrenched him backward. He found himself standing well inside the room, his cock beating against its prison like a second heart.

She turned and the sunlight shone through her dress revealing the shadowy curves within. “I’m sorry. It’s just I keep thinking about - you know.” She blushed.

Lewis managed a wry smile. “Well, you’re the boss at the moment.”

Her eyebrows lifted into a tragic expression. “Oh My God.” Her hand went to her mouth and she advanced on him. “Did I… When I said…”

Lewis fingered his red collar and laughed. “Your wish is my command.”

“Oh. Sorry sorry sorry!” She advanced on him and put a hand on his shoulder as if he were a wounded beast. “I had no idea that it would work this way.”

“It’s OK,” he said, trying not to smirk. He’d prepared a speech for this moment, but the throbbing in his groin made it hard to think. “I… I don’t think it will make much difference. I mean, this is your opportunity. So I’ll be looking after you anyway. And anyway I’d never force myself on you if I thought you didn’t…” He trailed off. It sounded so lame. She must realise-

-Elizabeth launched herself at him, drew his head down and kissed him full on the mouth. Her lips parted, inviting his tongue inside.

He kissed her back, his hips twitching of their own accord, driving his neutered groin against her navel.

She pulled free with a gasp. “You’re giving up so much for me!”

Lewis blushed and felt the guilt shrivel his abortive erection.

He had thought about her career, really he had. But that wasn’t why he’d nudged her to take a contract on Vesta and her gratitude made him feel like a heel.

He couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t a lie or a confession, so he reached his arms around her waist and drew her back to him and nuzzled her collar bone. Her skin was warm and salty from the heat of their journey and her musk went straight to his groin.

She emitted one of her snorting, deliciously dirty laughs and threw her head back to present her throat. “I’d forgotten how you could push my buttons.”

He walked his lips past her bead necklace, planting dry kisses all the way to the angle of her jawbone. Each contact of lip on skin, sent a jolt into his chastity cup, inflating his penis until it strained and prickled against its cell.

Elizabeth’s breathing quickened and she slumped against him.

Gently, as if handling a precious vase, he turned her around and gently lowered her to the bed, so her bare legs draped over the end.

She raised her face and brushed some stray locks from her forehead. “What are you… I mean what can you…?”

He put a finger to his lips. “Shh...” Then, kneeling, he slid his hands under her skirt, found the waistband of her sensible undies and gently drew them down her legs and over the straps of her sandals.

They lay on the tiles, frumpy and out of place in this world.

On the bed, Elizabeth sighed contentedly.

Lewis caught her behind the knees, drew her down the bed and draped her legs over his shoulders. The hem of her print dress furled back over her thighs, and there was her pussy - thick dark lips lurking behind a frizz the colour of her eyebrows.

Then her hot scent enveloped him. He dove forward, mouth open and kissed the her full on her labia, sucking the salty juices into his mouth, the taste churning his captive groin into a frenzy.

“Oh,” she said. “Yes please.”

A pulse went through Lewis’s down-pointing dick. He had to hold back the torrent! Clenching muscles he didn’t realise he had, he ploughed his tongue up through her slit, between the scritchy curls covering her outer lips and into the soft wet flesh beneath.

Her clitoris was waiting for Lewis, unhooded and hard like a nipple. He flicked it, then flicked again, lengthening his stroke so as to scoop up the juices overflowing from her vagina.

Elizabeth groaned, setting up another wet pulse in his groin.

Lewis tried to draw back on the building ejaculation, but then gave up - here on Vesta, he didn’t need an erection to pleasure his wife.

She gasped. “Gosh! Faster!”

Lewis made his tongue whir like a vibrator. She just lay there, unmoving, but whimpering while the seagulls cried beyond the window and the thirsty hardness in his groin ebbed and flowed like the tide, dripping semen into his briefs.

At length Lewis’s calves cramped from kneeling and the flap of skin under his tongue began to hurt. He slowed down, trying to bring things to a gentle close.

“No!” she gasped. “Don’t stop! Faster!”

And - thanks to the red collar around his throat - he could only obey his wife. All thought of his own pleasure forgotten, he worked on through the pain, lashing her clitoris with his tongue, slashing her juices all over his lips until his whole mouth blazed…

“Keep going!”

Again he could only obey.

The sense of his own helplessness clutched his groin like a mailed fist. His cock passed through a pleasant hardness into a prickling rigidity and—

—Elizabeth gave a long, long sigh and lay still. “Gosh. That was amazing. Come up and…” She half sat up, her hair wild and mussed, a flushed covering her face down to her throat and beyond. She grinned. “I was going to say shag me. But of course you can’t.”

Lewis clambered onto the bed and flopped down beside her. Lust was rippling over his body from the epicentre of his crotch. He wriggled out of his fisherman’s pants and clutched at the featureless bulge between his legs. The nano-plastic was warm to the touch, almost fleshy and tinted to match his skin. But he couldn’t feel anything through it… not yet, at least.

Of course! Since she’d had her orgasm, there was this brief window in which he was allowed his.

“Your ring,” he gasped. “Turn the stone.”

“Oh, of course.” She squirmed around to kneel beside him. Her eyes twinkling, she extended the ring finger of her left hand and reached for it with her right. “Let me see…”

Lewis pressed the tiny slit in the front of the cup. Any moment—

An electric shock went through his genitals. A disembodied voice said, “One Demerit.”

He sat up. “What the…?”

She gave a squeak of laughter and put her hand to her mouth. “I turned it the wrong way—can you forgive me?”

Two demerits left and he’d face a whipping! His cock pulsed and a squirt escape the slit. He really had to come, NOW. “I’ll forgive you if you twist it the other way,” he growled.

“Of course. One… Two… Three..” She made a great performance of turning the ring’s stone in the other direction. “Ta da!”


“I think the demerit cancelled it,” he said.

“Whoops!” She gave another dirty laugh. “Well, I think there’ll be more opportunities, don’t you?” She unfolded her legs, slid off the bed and pulled the dress over her head. “Come on, darling. Can you get the our swimming things?” She reached around to undo her bra. “I want to try the… (damned ancient design)… pool.” The undergarment fell away, leaving the skin of her breasts to glint in the soft light through the window.

Lewis’s cock twitched in its prison. He wanted to grab, grope, fondle, pet… but she’d told him to find the swimming things.

He handed her the bundled bikini top and bottom-

She grinned and reached out, making her breasts joggle in a way that caused a sympathetic squirm in his groin. “Thanks!”

—And he realised she had absolutely no idea that the software in his collar would take almost anything she said as an order.


Anonymous said...

This is really, really good. The accidental aspect is just right. The husband having a much better idea of how much trouble he is in is a neat narrative device.

Giles English said...

Thanks anonymous! (I enjoy your comments, perhaps you could think about getting a tag so I know it's you?)

The dream in the linked post was as described, if a little tidied up. This, howver, was built with care. So I very much appreciate your comment!

Anonymous said...

I am just trying to decide which sort of web email is least likely to come back and bite me somehow. Weren't you just discussing that just a post or two ago, keeping fantasy and reality separate?

Giles English said...

Well, I went with gmail :)

Also, you can get a blogger account without having to have a blog, or an email.

I didn't quite say keep relaity and fantasy *separate*, but I am a fan of an effective firewall.

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding introduction to a new story. The characters and have a feel that's very real, as real as science fiction can.

I have two small comments, both of which may already have occurred to you. You already mentioned that the husband is suddenly going to be responsible for far, far more housecleaning than he is used to. I would just like to point out that there's only three straight men on earth, or in space for that matter, who clean house to most women standards. Given the circumstances he is extremely unlikely to be one of them. This is a wonderful little hook to use to make her dominance more explicit. Few things irritate women like dustbunnies and dirty bathrooms.

The second and perhaps deeper issue, I would like to bring up is about the collar, don't make it so awesomely effective that he literally has no free will. There is a considerable difference between being forced to do something you don't want to do, and really having your limbs moved around like your a puppet with strings. The first thing that occurred to me was to make the collar less intelligent overall, but exquisitely sensitive to stress and mood in his wife's voice. So if his wife is happy and feeling well taken care of the collar can reward him in whatever way, and if she sounds very stressed and unhappy it can apply various discouragements up to and including automatic demerits. Because he simply shouldn't have made her that upset. All of this is just my two cents, your great writer and I love your stuff.

And I will sort out some sort of second web identity by Monday

Giles English said...

Thanks! Good idea about the housework. It should help the general drift.

Regarding the collar. It makes him do as he's told, but not for any length of time. So if she says clean up, he'll start to clean up. But once started, persistence is up to him. It won't make him more thorough either :)

An Insomniac Nigh Owl said...

I think I may have to agree with Anonymous - unlimited collar commands feel like they'd take attention away from the cup/post-orgasm/demerit system.

Now, the ability to give limited commands seems complimentary to the cup system. But I'd suggest limiting it to the ones that are "fun" or necessary to support the system. Say the basic ones like you'd give a dog: stay, heel, fetch (my bikini . . .) along with a couple adopted to augment the system: strip, "Don't touch me", "Be quiet" . . .

But the ability to order a male to clean or perform complex commands is heavy handed. Better to let the guy disobey her and earn a demerit, than have the women continually clamoring for commands that last longer and longer.

Plus, do you really want the women to be able to order their males to "solve calculus equations" or demote themselves (after signing contracts that would bind him to her longer)?

Giles English said...

Yes, as stated above, it was never my intention to have human robots. The commands work for a few seconds, or less, and must be simple ones, e..g "Keep going!" :)

By the way, I thought you were the "Anonymous" in this thread.

Wonder if he/she/it will turn up again...

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

Ah. Simple, short commands would work better.

And no - I'm not the Anonymous who's been posting. I like my anonymity, but I've found that the tag "Anonymous" makes it hard to keep track of who's saying what - particularly if you several people using it.

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

By the way, I really like this story. I like all of your Chastity Planet stories, but this may well be my favorite.

I do have one question, though - what are you referring to with the "damned ancient design" bit? The clothing? The pool? Something else?

Giles English said...

The clothing!

Considerable AI will go into the lingerie of the future...

will said...

It has been too long since the last installment of this story. Carry on, please!