Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Designing the world of the New 3rd Sex

At the moment, people seem split evenly on the question of whether and how chyaste men ejaculate in my third sex stories. What's interesting is that most people either want orgasms through anal sex, or spontaneous ejaculation without orgasm.

Since Chastity Planet already has the possibility of anal sex, my instinct is that chaystes don't get to orgasm; I don't want it to be about needy men pestering women for strapon sex, I want self contained men who pay for wild erotic activity with frustration.

But I'm also tempted by the idea of creating a slave gender. Suppose the alien device lets you orgasm through anal penetration, but only with one person. So, get drunk and seduced into a one night stand, and now there's only one person in the entire world who can make you have an orgasm... you'd have to be pretty careful who you let near you with a dildo.

(Orgasm could simply cause loss of will, but though that makes a great fantasy, it makes for a poor story.)

I suppose it depends on whether the aliens are orgone harvesting, or social engineering. If social engineering, then it's straying into the territory of chastity planet.


Anonymous said...

Fundamentally I think that a situation in which is sub has no physical ability to orgasm is boring, both intellectually and erotically. No chance at all is effectively castration, and that's just not any fun. It's the fact that she could make you, if she wanted to, and chooses not to for whatever reason that creates the sexual tension.

Now the idea that the first time binds you to that person for life, and their the only one who can ever give you an orgasm creates all sorts of narrative possibilities.

Giles English said...

Thanks anon!

I think you're probably right. However, it's not quite castration because he still gets horny. At stake would be loss of control, and loss of self. Or possibly the stories could be about giving pleasure...

If he can at least ejaculate due to being turned on, then there would be a link between her pleasure and his.

Hmmm. I'm going to have to try some sketches.

Anonymous said...

For the bonded for life scenario, think about the importance of a newt losing his "virginity" and to who. it creates a ginormous role reversal.

Giles English said...

Yes; the bonding would create fantastic leverage. It would also pose interesting dilemas. Suppose a one night stand leaves him bonded, and in his quest for the girl with the strapon, he falls in love with another girl. Now he has to choose.

The Real Third Sex world wasn't intended initially as being strictly femdom. I was watching the first season of True Blood and wanted to emulate the vampires as sex objects, but with chayste males.

Anonymous said...

No one said that first orgasm had to come from a female. That would just be a another level of conflict for a straight guy who was suddenly caught in this predicament. Since the number of male volunteers to "assist" him with his little problem would probably greatly outnumber the female ones.

Giles English said...

Very good point! Not my cup of tea, but I rather like other people using my world for their own stories.

I was thinking of adding the bonding rule to Chastity Planet, where the chastity devices are specifically designed to social engineer a gynocracy.

Now I'm wondering how much social engineering the world of the 3rd Sex could bear before it stopped being like ours.

Anonymous said...

Well, the point of postulating a story background like this is to rearrange reality rather seriously isn't it? The question from a story standpoint is does it create something interesting.

Take the situation of a reasonably normal, slightly oversexed, or at least over masturbated, husband and more or less normal but imperfect marriage. Maybe the marriage is a little worse than imperfect, maybe the couple has been drifting apart. Let's also postulate, as is almost always the case of the husband is considerably kinkier than the wife.

This immediately creates a fascinating dilemma for both partners. The husband has to decide whether he's in this marriage or out of it. If he decides to stay in and he has to convince his wife to expand her sexual horizons considerably, and he's only going to get more anxious to do this over time. The wife also has to decide if she can handle any this, or are they just done. Let's say they work through the initial stage of this, and that would be an interesting story in itself.

He is now irrevocably bonded to her for life, on a rather important level. Her scope of acceptable behavior would expand greatly over time, as this sunk in. You could take the store anywhere from mild increasing dominance, to the most flagrant sort of degradation, complete with a new boyfriend. The husband scope of action is severely constrained. As an erotic story some version of it can work.

Giles English said...

Ah, but the point of the alien chastity cup is to turn vanilla situations into kinky ones. There's nothing kinky about what's happened to him, any more than if he'd been castrated.

It's upsetting for both of them, and of course she comforts him and they make love.

Perhaps the unhealthy dynamic in the marriage speaks to his unacknowledged kink, hence why he's with her in the first place. Let's say she's got all sorts of issues about "giving in" to men, and on some level he enjoys being denied. There's no way she'll agree to turn her dysfunction into a sex game - because that would also be giving in - but from time to time they'll have OK-ish vanilla sex.

Only this time there's no penis in the equation, no sense that any of this is for him. Released from whatever was holding her back, her sex drive goes through the roof.

However, the only release he gets is when things get so exciting that he spontaneously ejaculates, and of course, it'll take more and more to drive him over the brink. At stake is his sense of self, and his status within the marriage.

What happens next depends on what she wants. If it were me writing it, then the lesbian best friend would move in on her, and the hero - despite himself - would get nudged into a slave status.

If we throw in the orgasm bonding rule, this gives her even more leverage. Suppose, aware she can't satisfy him, she becomes insanely jealous, does her research and fucks him. He's stuck with her, but she discovers she likes being the one with the penis....:)

Regarding the world of the 3rd Sex: Yes, the point of a fantasy story is to change things. However, it would be nice to do this without changing the world beyond recognition, or making people react unrealistically to those changes.

Anonymous said...

You write it, I'll buy it.

Giles English said...

Thanks! I suspect, though, this will amount to just a few short stories and vignettes on this blog.