Friday, August 30, 2019

Just published TORTURED BY AMAZON REDHEADS! "Grim Femdom Beyond the Wall"

"Grim Femdom Beyond the Wall"

When Severus and his Roman companions are captured by lusty red-haired Celtic Amazons, can they pass the increasingly bizarre erotic tests, or will they spend their lives as pierced and chaste slaves attending at heathen Lesbian orgies... or much worse?

To add peril, Severus's angry ex-wife is the slave in charge of cutting and piercing, and she herself has spent the last five years sealed up against all pleasure. Can he win her back and escape with her, or will he suffer the cruellest cut of all at her vengeful hands?

TORTURED BY AMAZON REDHEADS is inspired by grimly erotic Men's Adventure fiction of the 60s and 70s, but steeped in Femdom. It's by an author who has spent the last five years as the chaste slave of his dominant wife and knows of what he writes.

Yes, this is certainly the most ****ed up thing I have ever written! It's amazing what being free of Amazon's consent theatre does for your imagination.

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