Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coming Soon! Chaste Fugitive: Frustration Ward

I still loving writing to a series format!
Backpacker Jake wakes strapped to a foreign hospital bed with a booby-trapped chastity implant covering his crotch. Only a uniuqe chemical key will defuse the device. Can he recall any clues that will help the authorities find it?
He’s here in Kolkislavia to pursue Tamsin, a delicate English rose. She’d previously rejected him, but now his vulnerable state blows away her inhibitions. Unfortunately, this turns him on so much he cannot then resist when, later, the stocking-wearing nurses use him as a sex toy. Just as his frustration reaches a peak, they install an automatic teasing machine that keeps him on the edge and delivers an electric shock if he ejaculates.
Drifting in a trance like state, his memories come back to him. Will his horrible suspicions about official involvement be confirmed?
Read the Frustration Ward and find out!
(This is the pilot episode of The Chaste Fugitive. Follow Jake’s darkly erotic adventures as he flees across the former Soviet Republic of Kolkislavia, a land of retro-styled strong women who take what they want from men. Can he evade his pursuers? Will he find the True Blond, his only clue to the whereabouts of the chemical key to his permanent chastity device?)
The plan, in case you hadn't guessed, is to push ahead with the Enslaved by Posh Totty series but to also alternate with pilot episodes of other series. I'll feed each depending on its sales.

This one's an idea that's been with me for a while. I love the idea of a totally vulnerable male, chaste and on the run in a foreign country where the women will use, abuse, entrap and even enslave him. It wouldn't work as a novel -- the whole point is it's episodic.

So expect Jake to turn gigolo - Kokislavia runs a quiet little sex tourism industry with women coming from all over the world to enjoy the services of permanently chaste gigolos. I'm also going to send him into the former Soviet republic's hinterland where eccentric aristocrats will try to enslave him in crumbling castles, where village women will keep him chained in a sauna and use him for unspeakable fertility rites, where run-down factories provide a brothel for female workers...

Tell me what you think...?

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