Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chaste Fugitive NOT exclusive to Amazon!

"Frustration Ward"
Somebody complained that my books were only available on Amazon, "which already knows too much about us"!

Well, dear readers, as an experiment, I have made Chaste Fugitive 1: Frustration Ward available as an ebook via Lulu and - once it's processed - other sellers.

One reason I haven't done this with my other books is that non-Amazon retailers seem utterly rubbish for getting an erotic novel reviewed. Ultimately, indy books like mine live or die by their reviews!

So, if you want to see more of my books on sites other than Amazon, you can help make this happen by buying them, writing a nice review on the seller's site and then posting a link on my blog....

Go ahead - you can buy the first episode right now from Lulu!
Apparently a kidnap victim, Jake wakes strapped to a foreign hospital bed with a booby-trapped chastity implant covering his crotch. The stocking-wearing nurses appear to be nymphomaniacs who like to use his tongue when they’re not locked in Sapphic clinches. There’s and automatic tease and denial machine that electrocutes him if he comes. On the upside, now he’s practically neutered, the formerly unattainable love of his life sheds her inhibitions…
Unfortunately, only the unique chemical key will defuse his chastity device. Can he recall any clues that will help the authorities find it?
Read Frustration Ward and find out!
6,000 words of darkly erotic hospital adventures.

(This is the pilot episode of Chaste Fugitive. Follow Jake’s darkly erotic adventures as he flees across the former Soviet Republic of Kolkislavia, a land of retro-styled strong women who take what they want from men. Can he evade his pursuers? Will he find the True Blond, his only clue to the whereabouts of the chemical key to unlock his permanent chastity device?)

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