Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Double Chastity published!

Available on Amazon! (UK|US)
It took a while - I've had some contract work - but the next episode of Enslaved by Posh Totty is now available on Amazon!
What's "sex" like if both of you are wearing a chastity device? What if each of you were trying to drive the other to distraction? 
Chaste, and still dazed from his kinky experiences, Brett is ambushed by the enthusiastically kinky Leisha, whose domme has locked her in a chastity belt. Her brief is to tease and frustrate Brett until he decides to destroy his chastity belt, so also destroying his chances with the luscious Posh Pippa. 
Armed with dildos, plugs and other toys, can they both get off? 
I'll give you a clue...

And, if he does manage an orgasm, will that enable Brett to think straight about Pippa’s invitation to keep house for the trio of posh coeds? 
Read Enslaved by Posh Totty Episode 3 and find out!
 Yes, I wrote an erotic story about two people locked in chastity trying to have sex!

What inspired me is a story for next time, but I'll give you a clue...

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