Monday, September 06, 2010

The Chastity Belt: Olivia

So, some of you would rather fancy ending up as Olivia's chaste lover.

Very much posh totty meets angry little rich girl, she wants to be wanted by men, but hates them for using her. In the Chastity Belt story, she sets out to make Mark's life a misery by prostituting him to her friends.

In a relationship, I think she'd be different. With you locked into a chastity belt, there'd be no chance of you using her, so she'd have nothing to get angry about. Instead, she'd open up and show her vulnerable side.

Expect lots of wild sex using the prosthetic, with cuddles afterwards.... her sweaty, dozy, body draped over yours while you lie there, your chastity belt throbbing like a second heart.

Maybe, once in a while, she turns on you. Even with the chastity belt, you're just another man, so she treats you with contempt, slaps you, beats you with the nearest object to hand, or even humiliates you in front of her friends. Later, she's tearfully sorry and you have awesome makeup sex, and that little edge of fear ensures that you never quite forget how beautiful and unattainable she is....

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