Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life with Moira...

I notice somebody opted for life with Moira; the kinkiest of all the choices.

What's it like?

Moira, sweet Highland redhead that she is, doesn't really relate emotionally to men, so expect her to get her kicks at the local lesbian club. Sometimes she'll bring dates home, and the kinkier ones won't mind if you watch.

She has a good reason for keeping you around, though. It's handy to have somebody to look after the house and, though she's not interested in teasing or giving pleasure, or in the psychological aspects of femdom, Moira does like causing pain.

Every so often, she stakes you out and drips hot wax on your chest while she has you lick her off. Other times she'll put clothes pegs on your nipples and masturbate - not as a tease - but because she likes the sounds you make.

Do you get to come?
Yes, any time you ask, she ties you to the bed and use a prostrate massager. The down side is that she then beats you, and you don't have that cushion of arousal to hide behind...

Why do you stay?

The fear keeps you on edge, making every moment with her intense. There's something about her that keeps your chastity belt tight.


Florida Dom said...

Is that a picture of Moira's bush? Is she a natural redhead?


Giles English said...

Hi Florida Dom
If you just tuned in, Moira is a character from my novel "The Chastity Belt" published by Pink Flamingo a few years back, but now available free as a download (see top right link). She's a natural redhead from the Highlands of Scotland. Very girly - and plays on it - but basically just this side of being a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

hi it is beautiful

ChastityDevice said...

super beautiful