Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Two ways to throw away the key without hypnotism...

One of my friends blogged on hypnotism in femdom. It's an intriguing thought. Half the fun of masochistic roleplay is the delicious ambivalnce - the wanting and not wanting to suffer. No chastity belt is indestructable, no slave contract legally enforcable, so we can only take that sufferring so far for so long. Wouldn't it be nice to use hypnotism to throw away the key?

I wouldn't want anything that negated the discomfort of my erotic roles. However, I'm sure something would work that exploited my ambivalences about freedom. For example...
Your erection is tiny and fragile. It cannot truly satisfy a woman. One day a vagina will crush and maul it. Only the chastity belt will keep it safe.

Your penis is ugly. No nice girl would want to see it. Only the chastity belt will keep it hidden.

All men are potential rapists. Only the chastity belt will hide the shame of being male.

Sex is dirty. No woman truly consents to it, even if she says she does. Only the chastity belt can save you from being a bully.

The snag is, I'm not convinced I - or my lady - could switch this off, ever. We're really just transtemporal tourists. Most of the time, we like vanilla sex!

Fortunately, there are two easier and safer ways to make it hard to break role:

#1 Reduce the need for decision making during play
  • Adopt a culture that satisfies both your needs and hard limits.
    This doesn't mean you need to dress up as Romans, just that you need to identify a cluster of shared fantasies as inspiration so that you naturally stay your happy zone.

  • Agree that a slave's health and safety has value.
    That way, all safety communications can be in-game.

  • Set a time limit.
    No need to keep revisiting, "Has she/have I had enough yet?"

#2 Amplify the real world consequences for quitting early
  • Dress up and prepare in proportion to the length and intensity of the session.
    The more you've invested, the greater the moral and emotional pressure on you to follow through on your side.

  • Use hard to replace bondage gear, and timelock the keys away in something even harder to replace.
    If you can't get out of the props, you might as well stay in role.

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