Thursday, August 27, 2009

Consensual slavery and playing at evil (1)

How can we use the term slave when slavery itself is evil?

There's nothing erotic and everything tragic, wasteful and disgusting about being flogged to death on a plantation in some Caribbean hellhole.

From time to time, somebody online points this out, and goes onto argue strongly (understatement) that using "slave" as a tag for a consensual submissive or bottom is at best in poor taste, definitely disrespectful, and at worst, undermine the public perception of the appalling practice of chattel slavery then and now.

(More to follow)


Anonymous said...

Your comment is flawed because in it, you beg the question that slavery is evil. I need to see an argument for that.

Mistreatment is evil, but slavery doesn't necessarily involve mistreatment. Society has, over time, come to unfairly connect the two.

Giles English said...

Thanks for your comment.

I'm focusing on our kinks in relation to common culture, so it's enough for the purposes of my posts that most people think slavery is evil, and torturing people for kicks is wrong.

However, I think the onus is on somebody who advocates real slavery to demonstrate that it is not evil, so please feel free to expand - you've piqued my interest....

Anonymous said...

I was the "slave" in a triad including my wife, her lover of 6 years, and Of course, me. It wasn't whips and chains, but it involved a whole lot of chastity for me, and a whole lot of sex for them. It was way, way beyond just cuckolding, and in the end, I was really just as much his slave as hers. They were even more serious about my role than I was, which eventually caused trouble. I believe it was a once in a lifetime dynamic and cannot believe it lasted as long as it did - and that I am still married!

Giles English said...

Anon - fascinating! Thanks for sharing. Did you drift into it? Were you all friends to start with? How did you get out of the situation and preserve your marriage? Are you still kinky together?