Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The appeal of Permanent Chastity: becoming invulnerable but also vulnerable

The fantasy of permanent chastity, the experience of dipping into it via timed chastity... it's odd.

On the one hand, being locked into a chastity belt with no chance of release gives you a tremendous sense of invulnerability.

You can go on all night, but can she?
It resolves all those awful mixed messages we get about women and sex.

It also turns you into a sex god - armed with a prosthetic, you have all the staying power of silicon rubber. The only limit is your endurance and her capacity for pleasure.


On the other hand, having no access to your genitals makes you utterly vulnerable.

Being turned on doesn't quite hurt, but there's a risign sense of panic as you build up this head of steam with no safety valve. You're drowning in your desire, easily controlled, used and discarded.

In fantasy land you become the ultimate disposable one-night stand. Infinitely willing, unselfish by definition (since your only real pleasure is an echo of hers), the ultimate in safe sex, and yet so obviously missing what's needed for a long term relationship that nobody will think ill of her if she doesn't give you her phone number in the morning.

Apparently, not.
In the real bedroom, in play, you're still discarded and rejected.

There is always a deliciously bleak moment where she's sated and ready for sleep, and you lie there still turned on, like a vibrator left on a low setting.

All evening, you know it's coming... like the moment when you must get up from the fireside and tramp off into the winter night.

And when it does come, it's always a shock what you've gotten yourself into. But there's a certain glory in taking your place in the darkness.

You'll be back. (And, if you do your job properly, so will she.)

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