Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whips and Stockingtops: Bookworm

An hour ago, I finished my duties and came to kneel at her feet.

And kneel.

And kneel.

Every time she turns the page, or sighs, a pulse goes through my chastity cage.

At last she yawns and stares off to the side, not really seeing me - I'm just a slave, after all.

In a moment, she'll have me unroll her stockings, fold away her dress, and I'll glimpse her white flesh and take that afterimage to my basket on the kitchen floor to toss and turn all night, yearning, wanting.

But before then, there's just a chance she'll use my tongue.

Slowly, her legs uncross, and the pressure builds up in my chastity belt and--


Jack said...


You're killing me man. Yes, silly rabbit, Trix are for kids, but you get some too.


An Insomniac Night Owl said...

Expanding off Jack's comments - how exactly does the world of Whips and Stockingtops maintain its population? Universal lesbianism and surgically implanted cock cages seem to rule out any breeding.

Hmm . . . and actually, doesn't the system cause other problems? If memory serves, you called acculturated slaves boring. And there's the issue of exactly when the cages would be installed - puberty? When they turn 18? Some other age? And if they're already adults when caged, how do you prevent rebellions and revolts?

Giles English said...

The men are forceably cloned/replicated from our time line - flying saucer swoops down. Whoosh! You're left with a jumble patchy memories. Meanwhile your replicant is delivered to the slave factory in W&ST world where they are fitted with cages, have something odd done to their brains so they can't ever attack anybody, then sold on to a trainer.

Reproduction happens in the Mother Lands, where women go to breed and slaves aren't allowed. Presumably the semen is harvested in a similar manner to the slaves.

The fantasies only take place in the coastal cities, which are strictly 18+.

So none of the male slaves are acculturated, though they drift in and out of it.

Giles English said...

@Jack. Sorry, the slaves in my stories *never* get any, except with one upcoming exception.

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

So a literal "Men are from Mars, Women from Venus" scenario, huh?

However, I do hope that its just a placeholder. It just drags the setting too close to Chastity Planet and the orgone harvesters. And it eventually will corrupt the setting - I mean, why fool around with early 20th century tech when you have UFOs lying around?

Try for something more setting appropriate - maybe there's been a recent social upheaval that's resulted in this scenario. If you look back at the (real world) female suffrage movement, there were some reallly wild accusations hurled at the suffragists. Maybe in "Whips and Stockingtops", some of them were actually true . . .

Giles English said...

No, really, it's quite distinct. The women are acculturated, the men aren't. Plus stockings! I've been dipping into the setting on and off for ages.

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

Hmm . . .fair enough. However, the ufos and Motherland idea . . . I don't see how you can have those without really warping the scenario. The idea is that its a Gilded Age/1920s era America/Britain with chastity and lesbianism, right? But if the alternate world has cross-dimension technology (somehow), wouldn't that filter through? I mean, if nothing else, some of the kidnapped men are going to have advanced technical skills. And finding space for a "Motherland" on the map . . .

Again, its your setting, and you've been working with it for a while. But I think it works better, and would be more stable, if there's no transdimensional craft. Either rely on local men, or make it a natural pheneomena (men slipping through accidentally), or a third party has the tech - maybe operating an "Underground Railroad" or kidnapping/slavery ring to bring men to the W&ST world.

Hmm . . . just thought of something. Are there any men native to the W&ST setting? Were there ever? IF they all died off - or there never were any (say the women breed parthenogenically), that would explain a lot. Having a male slave might then be like having an exotic pet - and explain the rampant lesbain culture.

Oh well, just throwing out ideas. I just think the more you have to change the basics of the period setting (ufo kidnappings, a Motherland, etc.), the more you weaken the setting.

P.S. By the way, what about hetero-females? Do they have an underground culture (similar to gay culture at the time)? Do they have access to uncaged males, or must they make do with dildos? Do they treat their men any better?