Thursday, May 13, 2010

Her morning after...

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In my Whips and Stockingtops world, the men are all chastity-caged slaves, and the women - all lesbians - are barely aware of the humanity of the males who serve them. And serve them they do, sexually, of course, but mainly as mundane servants.

It's a slave fantasy, yes, but it's a realistic one. Except for the rare pervert - after all, a small percentage of the females will be straight in any circumstances - nobody's interested in teasing or tormenting their slave; in fact, nobody's interested in their slave, full stop.

Even so, the system of slavery itself generates teasing and denial, and frequent corporal punishment. A slave serves his owner as she entertains her lovers, acts as a masturbation toy on lonely nights, and spends his waking hours tormented by her stocking-clad proximity, all without any chance of sexual gratification - the cage implanted in his groin sees to that - and without any consciousness on her part.

It all seems quite dark, but in the darkness is comfort.

As with most slavery fantasies, the slave need not wrestle with the mixed messages we modern men get about sex; he has orders to touch - and how - and permission to look. The impersonal nature of this particular fantasy goes further. It frees the slave of any expectations to react in a certain way.

Nothing is for him, so it doesn't matter if he's turned on, or bored. She doesn't care if he's staring at her enticing figure, or if his mind is wandering to the kitchen tasks, or if he loves her, or hates her. She doesn't require anything of him, except physical service, and he need never feel guilt again.

Lust, however.....
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