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Chastity Planet Episode 4

Here's Chapter 4 of Chastity Planet. It'll make more sense if you start at the first episode of this SF male chastity story.

Mary stood over Tom in just a T-shirt that just reached the tops of her bare thighs. A flush colored the petite blond's cheeks and the fabric around one pert nipple had been pulled to a point. She pushed a hand under his nose and the scent of fresh pussy invaded Tom's nostrils.
With a groan, he latched onto her fingers. The taste lashed through him, stirring up a crazy throbbing inside the chastity cup that made him sway this way and that.
"He's looking broken," said Mary. "I was wanting my first time to be a bit more vigorous."
Brigit's silver sandals appeared next to the blond's neat bare feet. The whip trailed down past her shins. Tom traced the leather tail up to where her hand hung by her side, just beyond the short hem of her slippery mini-dress where so recently he'd nuzzled her red-thatched pussy. He tongued the blond's finger suggestively.
"What about something else?" lilted the redhead. "It seems a shame to be wasting him."
Tom suckled Mary's finger and willed her to opt for a licking. His time in the booths had given him super-human stamina.
"Have a go with the whip," chipped in Deidre, still sprawled on her bed. "You're always on about how men are mean to you, now you can be getting your own back."
Without releasing her finger, Tom swiveled his eyes up to look at Mary's reaction.
The blond set her pointed chin and nodded.
Brigit clapped her hands. "Restraints."
There was a whir from the ceiling and two black cords unwound either side of Tom.
He started to rise. Better another demerit than this.
Brigit put her hands on his bare shoulder. She stooped and fixed him with her green eyes. "Do this for Mary, and we can fuck," she said.
A shudder went down his spine. His hips gave an involuntary twitch, thrusting the dildo into thin air. It might not be the real thing, but if he fucked this beautiful leggy redhead with the prosthetic, then he'd remember it for the rest of his life. He nodded and licked his dry lips.
He stood there dumbly while they clicked cords to his wrist and ankle fetters. Then Brigit brushed a stray carrot-red lock from her forehead and clapped her hands. "Activate Restraints."
The cords retracted into the floor and ceiling, drawing him out into a taut X.
She looked down at him. Her freckled face creased into a grin. "You have no idea how silly you look."
He blushed, but couldn't think of anything to say.
Beyond the tall girl, Deidre wrapped a sheet around herself and padded over. His spread-eagled position let the plump girl look him straight in the eye. "They don’t look so impressive like this." She reached out a pudgy hand and tweaked his nipple.
The pleasure swirled out from the nub of flesh and electrified his entire chest. His buttocks clenched and he heard himself groan.
The three Hibernian girls giggled.
"How do you feel?" asked Mary.
"Turned on," he mumbled. "So turned on."
The blonde scowled. "I think you're supposed to be wracked with fear."
Brigit leant over her friend's shoulder. "I have an idea. Deidre? Why don't you be giving him his reward?"
"Reward? Oh..." She reached for her signet ring.
A chime sounded from the chastity cup. The material around the head of Tom's penis squirmed. He hunched over but couldn't quite see anything beyond the artificial penis. Even so, he knew that the slit had dilated, exposing the very tip of his real cock.
"Make way!" said Brigit. She knelt at his feet. Her long fingers reached out beyond the fake erection and cupped Tom's groin.
Mary all but exploded. "What in God's Name are you doing?"
The redhead laughed. "He'll not be so brave once he's had his climax." There was a new sensation inside Tom's chastity belt... no, not inside, but coming from the outside; the Hibernian girl's finger rubbing the very slit of his cock, threatening to drain away the warm bath of lust that kept him insulated from the shame, discomfort and pain.

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Will said...


Evalynn said...

I'd LOVE to read more to this story - please please please continue it! :)

Giles English said...

What is it about this particular series that everybody likes so much?

Evalynn said...

The redhead / belted relationship adds a very strong element to the story. She started out demure and rather innocent and has slowly turned into a confident tease.

The belt in this story is another big turn-on.. the thought of just the tip of the penis being let out combined with the incredible frustration and now with the redhead teasing him as well!

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

I think the attraction of Chastity Planet is that it has a different dynamic than a lot of S&M/Chastity/Femdom scenarios. In most stories - unless you're really into S&M - it comes across as mean spirited and unpleasant. The girl wants to hurt him, and the guy seems to go along with a mix of resigned despair and Stockholm Syndrome - and there's no way out for him.

Chastity Planet, on the other hand, has a lot of potential for sweet, romantic, and thrillseeking stories - and the short stories you've posted seem to lean towards those, rather than the usual S&M dynamic. As you pointed out, the men are not acculturated slaves or pain sluts. They've chosen to come and participate freely (as students or quasi-husbands), and their stay has a set duration (even taking the path of least resistance, they'll eventually be able to leave.

And the dynamic with the women is likewise more attractive - with some exceptions, most don't seem to be interested in harming the males. True, they give them demerits, tease them, and may even whip them themsleves. But there's a feel that all of this is more in the spirit of fun and games. I doubt whether Brigit and her friends have the strength/skill to seriously hurt Tom, and if they did so by accident, my impression is that they'd be legitimately sorry/ashamed.

So Chastity Planet comes across as place where a normal romantic relationship has a strong teasing and denial aspect, with the "pain giving domme" far rarer. And this just makes it a more attractive place to (theoretically) visit or read about - plus it gives more flexibility in story type.

For example, there could easily be a sweet romance about a pair of high school sweethearts who decide to go to college together in New Athens. The dynamic would be heavy on first love complicated by the chastity cups and the mutual temptations to promiscuity: what would their "first time" be like, if he's limited to a prosthetic? What constitutes cheating - or a suitable job for him? Is she ready for her friends to ogle him in nothing but cup and collar?

And your Dreams of Chastity Planet story seems to be running along the lines of a more mature romance trying to adapt to the cultural constraints of Chastity Planet. Will she fall prey to the temptations of a world that doesn't recognize female monogomy (i.e. she can have pretty much any male she wants)? Will the rigged nature of the society lead him to demote himself to her bondsman (sex slave) - and if so, what happens when his "wife" keeps getting invited formal events (ones where only free neuters and kept men are welcome)?

And there's the thrill-seeking element. Of course, for women there's the lure of pleasure and power. But for guys, there's the challenge - Chastity Planet gives them the freedom to bed women from around the universe, from all levels of society. Yet its a society (subtly) rigged to cost them freedom and pleasure. Can they thread the needle - living out their contract (and enjoying the women) without demoting themselves? Think of it as the sexual/romantic version of sky diving or whitewater rafting.

Giles English said...


Of course, allowing just the tip of aman's penis out is sort of giving him a clitoris...

And the next part is up here:

Giles English said...

@ Night Owl

Yes, that's the way I'm thinking.

Full blown nasty femdom is entirely possible on this planet (though of course the male victim can always escape by demoting, or opting to be resold, in return for more time).

However, lots of dynamics are possible and the whole thing is weighted towards vanilla girls and unwitting males.

Rather than Stockholm Syndrome, it's a place where the Milgram Experiment gets acted out time and time again. For example, the college sweethearts would very likely end up in an aysmetric relationship, despite all their best efforts, but end up liking it.

Brigit and friends feel unreflectively entitled, because all the men are volunteers, so are nice girls "letting it out". I think they want to humiliate a man - any man - and make him scream and whimper, but only if they can stay within the boundaries of permission. They're couldn't and wouldn't mutilate him, for example, or really hurt him.

And yes, the setting is built for sweet romances...:)