Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Money off shipping for "The Chastity Belt"

Remember Casandra from my college chastity novel, "The Chastity Belt"?

I always rather imagined her as a young Julie Andrews. Some of the screencaps from the film Darling Lili capture that strangely stiff eroticism I had in mind. Also, that odd robust vulnerability.

Which reminds me, if you fancy a hard copy, then now's a good time to treat yourself. Enter "FREEMAILUK305", and you'll get £2.99 off the shipping cost.


fur sissy said...


Now that I have entered the blogging world I just wanted to say thank you.

Several years ago I stumbled across your sample of the Chastity Belt where it was a pay to download ebook. I believe the site was at Pink Flamingos.

Your descriptions of Cassandra really drew me in (especially her boots and fur-trimmed coats) and while at the time I had no interest or experience in chastity, I ended up going for it and read it all in one night.

Now that I have several more years worth of BDSM lifestyle experience (chastity included) I can pretty much cite my interest in chastity and willing to go along with it to your novel.

I too share an appreciation for the styles of the eras you describe often here.

Thanks again.

Giles English said...

That's just awesome. Thanks so much for telling me that. You've made my day, and possibly my year.

I think I just about covered every chastity possibility in that novel, except for sissification (which just isn't quite my thing - nothing against it).

The funny thing about chastity is that it's a fetish that fits like a glove when you discover it - it ticks all sorts of boxes.

I shall follow your blog with interest...


fur sissy said...

Thanks for the reply, Giles. I'm glad that I could provide some joy. I really enjoy your writing.

Your novel definitely covers many bases, which I think is how it appealed to me back then.

I wouldn't classify myself as a chastity enthusiast but there are aspects that definitely appeal to me about it, especially from a fantasy standpoint. To this day, I still find it incredibly ironic to get aroused fantasizing about not being able to get aroused.

I enjoy your other writings as well, especially the way that you break down different scenarios including their positives and negatives. I have done similar exercises in both trying to better understand the lifestyle as well as some of my feeble attempts at writing fiction.

When I entered the BDSM lifestyle I wasn't into sissification (nor chastity). It's strange how experiences and time can change things drastically. Most of the BDSM sub-fetishes seem to have a vary wide range of reasons that people are drawn to them. From a submissive standpoint, it seems many of them have a delicate balance between forced vs. willing, continued willingness vs. regret, full-time vs. part-time, within your control vs. outside of your control, etc.

I also really enjoyed "The Vamp" that you posted several years ago.