Thursday, June 11, 2009

So, what shall I write next...?

It's time I wrote some more erotica.

I'm going to write something short - say 10,000 words (The Chastity Belt was 40,000 words) - and sell it directly for not a lot of money.

Here are the options:

Whips and Stockingtops
A slave story from my Femdom alternate Jazz Era setting. It's the 1920s, but the girls are lesbians, and the men chastity-belted slaves. It'll be a lesbian love story told from the suffering slave's point of view. And there'll be stockings.

Chastity Planet
Now we're in the far future. Chastity Planet is a resort world. It's slogan is, "Leave your panties off for the Safest Girls Night Out in the Galaxy". It's safe because all the men are stuck in chastity cups. Some are slave, some are free. There's a system for demotion and promotion, and any female can dish out demerits, leading to a public whipping. Most of the girls aren't actual doms, they're just there for a good time, or to study at one of the excellent Ladies Colleges. (On more conservative worlds, the marketing brochures read, "Where girls can become ladies, without becoming women.") Expect sex with prosthetics, and unwilling self-discovery...

The present day, a Black Sea Republic, once home of the legendary Amazons. During the cold war, promising male athletes ended up with booby-trapped chastity implants. Now, young men in a similar state pander to sex tourists. Our hero is a British backpacker who's been abducted and caged. Can he survive the dominant women of the Republic to find the chemical key to his chastity hell?

Aqua Sulis
This one started off as a thought experiment, but it's worth a story. Male tourists from our world infiltrate a female only resort in an alternate Britain where the Romans still rule, and serve as chaste slaves to visiting Roman girls. The thing is, there's always the temptation to stay....

Something inspired by my chastity captions
And finally, we've got the modern world and the dysfunctional relationships people have. The key to a male chastity belt can unlock ice maidens, tempt flirts, or assuage vengeful ex's. There are also capture stories, and seduction stories, where lust and desire take the hero sleepwalking into his own darkness. If you've been reading my captions over at Indecisive, then you know the series - which would you enjoy as a book?

So, what would you like to read? (The first person to suggest the winning topic gets a free copy of the end result!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gilles,

a lot of good proposals... but my choice is clear. I would love to see a novel of "Whips and Stockingtops!"

No surprise to you, I guess...



Giles English said...

That's certainly a long term plan. However, difficulty of completing a story increases exponentially with its length. So short pieces are easier, and more likely to get done.

Perhaps I'll finish Roadside Breakdown.

MyKey said...

I am with rome or the chastity captions. Both could be fun. Why not a series of caption-like short stories while you get back into the habit of writing.

Be happy to help proof read or edit if that is of interest.


Giles English said...

The capture ones or the seduction ones?

MyKey said...

Either, I like both.

Capture is hot, especially the ones that are on the knife edge of consensual, or even slightly over, but you kind of really like it.

Seduction, well everyone loves a love story and a well written kinky love story is a rare beast. Chuck in a bit of cuckolding and it would be my ideal fantasy.

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of some of your captioned series, so I'd vote in that direction. My favorites are "Secure at Last" and the Unlocked series of series :)

Giles English said...

Thanks! I never really know how many people actually *read* them, rather than drool over the models.

What you're voting for, really, are dark seduction stories; some how she seduces him into a life of chastity then femdom, and he struggles with himself the whole way.

Will said...

Damn, I've been waiting to see the next chapter of chastity planet for some time. Wish I'd seen this sooner so I could have stuffed the ballot box.

Giles English said...

Hey Will - that's what comes of consuming without commenting! I write for fun rather than profit, but half the fun is the feedback. I can't know if people like or dislike something unless they tell me....

Even so, I'm glad you like Chastity Planet. I may have the next chapter knocking around somewhere in rough form. I'll see what I can do :)

In the mean time, you can read the entire 1st chapter of my Chastity Belt novel, and download the entire thing for *free* here: