Monday, July 13, 2009

What's in it for her?

Normal women enjoy relationships because they are relationships: two-way intimacy, with give and take and a sense of the other's personality. They like sex with men because they are men, with masculine traits and penises.

So why on earth would a woman want a slave, or a chaste lover?

The answer would be useful not just for selling the idea to our partners, but also because it will give us some idea of how to support the resulting action.


Anonymous said...

For my Wife it means that all of my desire is kept intact waiting for her to use it. I can't steal it by masturbating and I cartainly can't have an affair.
She now knows that after week of chastity I become needy and I dote and serve her like I am her servant. I also never talk back or raise my vgoice to her when she has me locked up.
I means she gets a perfect husband, or at least the ability to mold me into one.

Giles English said...

Thanks for answering!

How would you compare your relationship to that of other "normal" couples? I mean, is chastity a fix for something most couples experience? Or does it resolve particular issues in yoru relationship?