Thursday, May 16, 2019

Chastity Planet Uncut! Available for preorder! Get the sample!

At last, my revamped Chastity Planet epic is up on Smashwords. Click here to get the sample!

It's a darker revamp of the original  series, with some heavy editing, less consent theatre, more dark and explicit content (including a brutal public flogging!). I am so glad I left Amazon!
"In space, nobody can hear your safe word!"Imagine taking a wild spring break with your sexy coed pals... except it's on a SciFi pleasure world where all the men are trapped in semi-permanent chastity and if you earn too many demerits you end up being publicly flogged. Could you survived reverse oral gangbangs, licking booths, rampaging sex maniacs... and not end up as a chaste slave?

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