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Building Chastity Planet, my Total World Femdom erotica setting

So, free of Amazon's consent theatre requirement, I finally got Chastity Planet working properly: "In space nobody can hear your safeword..."
Epub, Kindle Etc.

Here, we find our hero prostituting himself in an alley:
The girl groaned louder, louder still, then let out a long sigh and — abruptly - stood up off the wall.
Robin sank back to sit on his ankles. Her juices dribbled down his chin. His penis throbbed uselessly between his legs but she was beautiful like a big cat, sated, and even in the half light he could see her face was delightfully flushed from his efforts. He grinned up at her.
Without a word, she dropped something in front of his knees. She pointed her finger, turned the ring — triggering a weird squirming sensation in Robin’s groin —  then stepped around him and vanished into the street.
He stared down at what she had dropped: a ten credit bill. Not only had she used him, she had turned him into a prostitute.
Numbly, he picked up the note, stuffed it in his pocket then rose.
It was then he noticed the weird cold sensation in the tip of his dick.
He backed further into the alley, glanced around, then slid his hand down the front of his shorts.
Sure enough, the front of his chastity cup had opened… only it hadn’t done so enough to let his cock out. Instead, there was a tiny slot that let him get a finger to the tip of his captive penis. So much for visions of pumping away at his dick! This was as much as the device would ever open.
The tip was slippery with semen.
He licked his lips to capture more of the girl’s taste, braced himself against the alley wall, and started to rub.
The sensation was intense enough to make him whimper. His legs quivered, his breathing quickened. “So close…” he whimpered. “So… close…”
The slot abruptly closed, squeezing out his finger.
He slumped against the wall and wept. But if he had come, here in this dusty ally, he’d have soiled his shorts with semen. The girl was right; he was a loser.
He wiped his mouth on his arm and — the stranger’s taste still clinging to his mouth — stepped back into the street. 
You can get a free sample and buy the book here. (Pre order until later this month.) However, if you're curious about the the Total World Femdom planet I created, read on.

I wanted a psychologically plausible Femdom world, one where the women are in charge for real, and where it's still a Femdom experience for the men - a real Gynarchy would probably have more yarn festivals than public whippings!

I also wanted to make it proper Science Fiction... enough that I and readers could suspend disbelief.

So I decided that - in the far future - inscrutable Aliens have set up the Adult Zone, a buffer between themselves and Humanity. Humans settlers are welcome as they don't breed, but all worlds have experimental constitutions and limited technology - no bots - thus emulating pre-space conditions, especially a labour economy.

Some are erotic utopias, for example the Planet of the Furries, Gay Leather Wrestling World, Alpha Male World, BDSM Paradise, and, of course, Artemisia, aka "Chastity Planet".

In this future, humans can repeatedly rejuvenate in late middle age, so aren't worried about squandering precious years, or missing family. They also have stasis implants preventing severe injury or death. So there are few downsides to entering the Adult Zone, other than what you'll find there...

Artemisia - Chastity Planet

Named for Artemis, the ancient virgin huntress goddess, Artemisia is a planet on which all men are chaste second class citizens or worse. At minimum, the following applies:
  • Chastity Cups: Alien tech, impossible to illegally remove, wearable indefinitely. Various features and aesthetics. 
  • Inhibitor Collars: Prevents any sort of violence. Also forbids male/male erotic activity (the focus must be on women). Also, enforces various local laws. Colour coded (see below).
  • Minimal Legal Protection: Little limits female aggression, sexual or otherwise. What rules there are are concerned with good PR and recruitment rather than male well-being.
As a baseline, this changes the dynamic between men and women!

Men are the sexually vulnerable ones, sometimes afraid of being turned on, often subject to stereotyping - "He's ditzy because he's sexually frustrated" - and routinely exploited; a good situation for a man-whore with strong submissive tendencies!

Conversely, women pretty much do as they like without fear of consequences. They can have as much promiscuous sex as they like, from lovers who have no choice but to be considerate. They can also settle down to enjoy a life of pampering and devotion from a personal slave. Or they can ignore men entirely, except when they need service or servicing. There's room to go full dominatrix, but even very vanilla women naturally generate femdom just by visiting.

Planet-wide, three three broad male statuses apply:
  • Freeman (gold collars): Legally settled. Free movement (subject to border controls).  Signed up for a set "tour" of a year or more. If they leave the planet, the clock stops, and the chastity cup goes with them. (It's alien tech! Good luck in removing it!) 
  • Guest (silver collars): Visit and leave the planet at will. Subject to local laws, the consequences of which they can usually avoid by demoting to slave.
  • Indentured Worker/ Slave (bronze collars): Sign up for a tour of a year or more (a stipend is paid into your bank account) to obey an owner. The collar ensures compliance. Freemen and guests can submit to a chosen mistress. Limited rights enable slaves to escape or avoid bad situations: the right to be put on public auction, at a cost of 6 months; the right to promote to Freeman, at the cost of 12 months; the right to veto sale to different states.
Artemisia is not fully settled. However, it has a dozen or so significant states, all with their own laws and customs based on the following parameters:
  • Rewards (rare): In the right circumstances, chastity cups open just enough for masturbation - in effect giving the wearer a fleeting, leaky clitoris.
  • Demerits (common): Women can hand out demerits putting the victim in a lottery for a public whipping. Owners can usually pay a fine on behalf of their slaves - creating an incentive to demote.
  • Limitations on Anal Pleasure (common): Anal pleasure is often simply switched off. However, sometimes it carries a risk of demotion to slave - an ironic twist on pre-space reproductive rights!
  • Limits to slave use (common):  Slaves are usually legally limited to the personal and domestic sphere, and rationed at one per household. This prevents them from competing with women for jobs, and stops rich women monopolising them. It also removes a potential barrier to male recruitment. 
  • Time Discount (rare): Some less attractive states offer a time discount to male slaves. In extreme cases, this can be as much as 90%.
  • Female Slaves (rare): A few states have Female Slaves, usually in limited roles. These are rarely in chastity, never do rough labour, and have improved rights compared to male Slaves.
The Femdom element is often subtle undertow, with safeguards, and the enticements compelling. The two I've explored so far are:
  • Minerva: A big island with a galactic-class university. Families send girls there for patronising reasons (keeping them out of sexual or romantic trouble, preserving virginity). Young men go because the tuition is free. They can hit the Orbital Station during vacations and take a break from chastity, so it can't be that bad..?  Anal is switched off for Guests - the students - but on for Freemen. There are no Slaves. Outside the university, the mission statement is, "Equality through mutual penetration."
  • Femtopia: A wild beach resort billed as "The Safest Girl's Night Out in the Galaxy".  It's well staffed by willing and very polite young Guests who come for the money, and the sexually aggressive women: all the pussy you can eat! Rewards and demerits are in operation. Anal sex is risky. There are a few Slaves. Limits to slave use apply. Freemen are the same as Guests, but with rewards switched off.
I've also referenced... 
  • Women's Country: A gynarchy with an emphasis on agriculture and wool, but also containing Rocky Cove, a growing cultural community with a Research Institute and Conservatoire. The only men present are Slaves who can be demerited but not rewarded.  Anal pleasure is switched off. Limits to slave use apply.
Other states that probably exist include:
  • Sapphos: A lesbian state, similar to Women's Country but more tropical. Slaves are dehumanised replacements for bots (which are not allowed on Artemisia). Demerits apply. Rewards, anal pleasure and limits are switched off. Slaves usually spend their time doing manual labour or service. They may see action, but rarely take part. Offers a 50% discount - this is an accelerated but boring way to get through your tour. 
  • Unity: Small city state devoted to meditation and yoga. No Slaves or Guests. Freemen may enter by application only. Reward is constantly switched on, so essentially everybody has a clit. A reverse 100% discount applies - your tour expires at half the rate while you are there.
  • Alectopolis ("Payback Town"): Named for the classical Fury "Anger", this is rumoured to be a BDSM hellhole where women - including tourists from patriarchal worlds - come to torture men. Slaves only, with no limitations.  Anal pleasure is possible, but will be humiliating. 90% discount applies. Female Slaves operate as pleasure girls and dungeon assistants, perhaps as a route to citizenship.
  • Arcadia:  Wine-growing villa culture. In keeping with the low-tech vibe, Slaves have everything switched off. There are also female slaves. 50% discount.
Finally, for completeness:
  • Spaceport: Where the shuttles take off from. It has an all female staff but no permanent residents. Slaves are the owner's responsibility. Freemen and Guests have everything switched off. 
  • Orbital Station: Guests lose their cups. The collars go when they ship out. Freemen are stuck with the cups, but likewise lose the collars on shipping out.
Where will the stories take us? Femtopia's the most interesting location, because so much can go wrong there. However, I can imagine a road trip story into the heart of Femdom darkness...


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