Thursday, December 28, 2006

The real thing....?

I've just discovered a chap who's planning to spend the whole of next year in a male chastity device.

It would be nice to think that he'll get some vanilla dates during that time, expecially because he plans to buff up. But - hey! - who said life had to be like the erotic novel?

Would his adventure make a good erotic novel? Not as it stands. There's nothing forcing him to stay chaste, and nobody trying to coax him out of the chastity belt... hmm, now there's an interesting dynamic.

1 comment:

John Doe said...

I can see that now... I just show up, go on a date, watch a movie... then when his hands slip into my pants a frantic mood change happens and he starts feeling all over it like he's discovered water for the first time ;)