Thursday, February 22, 2018

Designing the Happy Happy Chaste Boi Chastity Device

Surgical mesh for the sound/plug
Inescapable male chastity devices are a cool fantasy. They also make it easier to write chastity erotica. Alas, the real ones are either impractical for 24/7/365 wear - full belts - or require too much of a lead time for piercings to heal. That saps the drama.

So I've come up with the Happy Happy Chaste Boi Chastity Device which I've been using in most of my contemporary erotica. It's an ultra hi-tech device designed for Japanese male prostitutes and kept men, but has gradually started appearing on the western market.

I'm going to fully describe it here in case anybody is interested. Needless to say, my erotica isn't actually an info dump of all this! So here we go...

The TetherSpout (source)
The Happy Happy Chaste Boi Chastity Device is a ball trapper with some adaptions:

  • Hi-tech smart ceramic makes it expensive to escape.
  • Anti-pullout based on urethral plug or "sound" (see below).
  • Red Button that seals the device permanently. To prevent accidental triggering, the button is recessed and requires quite a deep push. However, this last feature  makes it tempting to toy with the button.
  • Expensive enough that you'd think long and hard before destroying it, perhaps the cost of a luxury holiday for two.

Inner anchor tube shaped a bit like this.
Made of hi-tech smart ceramic. I bet materials like this are only a few years away:

  • Invisible on body scans.
  • Generates lots of heat when cut.
  • Generates electricity when vibrated. Piezoelectric properties mean vibrators merely send painful shocks to your urethra. Cutting the device has similar effects.

Anti-pullout is via something like a TetherSpout system with a urethral plug that anchors behind the head. However, mine is surgical mesh similar to that used in stints. It has interesting properties:

  • Same smart ceramic material as the device, but tempered to be flexible. 
  • Not cuttable with normal surgical tools.
  • Twisting it 360 furls and unfurls the anchor.
  • Inner anchor tube prevents tampering with insertables. It snakes into the body as far as the prostate and won't permit an erect erection.
Anchor reaches as far as the prostate
(Borrowed from Thumper)
There are four nasty twists:

1. You can't have a proper orgasm wearing the device. It shorts out electro-stimulation. The piezoelectric properties mean vibrators generate painful shocks, only. In version 2 and later, the end of the anchor hits an internal pressure point, making prostate stimulation totally ineffective. Sorry.

2. Needs to be removed and boiled monthly, otherwise the plug loses plasticity! Unfortunately, you have to read the machine-translated English in the manual very carefully to find this out. Once the plug has hardened, the only way to remove the device is for a surgeon to slice open the head of your penis, with the risk of nerve damage.

3. Six months of continuous wear causes the plug to merge with the tissue of the urethra all the way to the prostate!  Basically, the tube gradually expands, pushing into the tissue, which uses it as a matrix to grow around it. There's nothing in the manual about this, and anybody who talks about this online is accused of being a fantasist. Once merging has taken place, a surgical intervention would be so intrusive that you might as well sign up for a sex change as well.

4. After hardening, the inner anchor tube makes erections dangerous without the base ring. Once the inner anchor tube stops being bendy, the articulations permit the penis to bend down against the body, but not up. There are no articulations inside the body and the tube reaches as far as the prostate. If you could somehow remove all of the device except the anchor, an erection would damage your penis tissue and wrench on the deeper end of the anchor, causing all sorts of internal injuries.

Escape options if you lose the key or press the Red Button are:

  • Up to 1 month since last removal: Cut off the base ring, twist the tube to furl the plug. Voila! However, this will require (a) water bath to dissipate heat, (b) tools powerful enough to cut the material, but small enough not to cut you, (c) a general anaesthetic because of the resulting shocks, (d) skilled professionals to do all this. There's also the risk of nerve damage due to the electric shocks. You'll certainly be in pain for months after. 
  • Between 1 and 6 months since last removal: As above, but the surgeon has to slice open your meatus.
  • 6+ months since last removal: Not recommended. Even if you could somehow shave off the cage, leaving the plug embedded, erections would be dangerous.

Of course, my poor characters don't know all this ahead of time... But you'll have to read my books to find out how that goes.


Wild Beach said...
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Anonymous said...

I remember reading about a patented device by a Woman in South Africa who wanted to stop rapists. The device fitted in the vagina and opened out a bit like an umbrellas spokes when a penis entered into the vagina. Thus that foreskin was ripped or impaled or both. Sure a just end to a rapists onslaught.

There could be disadvantages which al will readily think off including women who consent to sex in order to damage and hurt males. In any circumstance it would make males very cautious and respect Women. Femsup