Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finally! Book two of Chastity Planet: A Chaste Spring Break

At last! I wrote the final draft while on my second week of 24/7 lockup in a Custom Chastity surgical nylon device. So here it is...

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On a world where all men are fitted with alien-tech chastity cups, Robin unwisely tags along with some raunchy college girls for Spring Break in Femtopia. 

This is a beach resort where a rigid caste system keeps permanently chaste males in their place… usually on their knees providing oral service to wild beach babes, or at the mercy of rampaging possies of party girls, or fighting off butch predators wielding prosthetic dongs with the power to enslave. 

Can Robin drag himself away before he gets sucked into the wild world of female pleasure where all men live in fear of a public whipping or worse? 
Read Episode One and find out!

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