Thursday, July 30, 2015

And Chastity Planet: Chaste Spring Break is UP!

Probably the craziest thing I've published
Probably the craziest thing I've published:

On Chastity Planet, university student Robin must choose between going on Spring Break with sexy coeds, or taking his holiday on the Orbital Facility. 

There’s a snag. On this world, all men are fitted with inhibitor collars and alien-tech chastity cups. The frustrated Robin is at the mercy of ruthless flirts and cynical female pleasure seekers. He’s also utterly defenceless against his sexy but crazy ex-girlfriend who has stalked him to the planet. 

Will he pick the safe option - two weeks of self abuse on a space station - or will he commit to partying in the wildest, most hazardous corner of Chastity Planet? 

Read episode one and find out! 

So there it is, I bit the bullet and published an episode. More to follow over the weeks and months.

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