Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Enslaved by Posh Totty 1 - "A Chaste Toga Party" - Opening scene

(Episode 1 now available)
I've been busy and being a slave "for real" rather made it hard to focus on Femdom fantasies, plus I can no longer spend time building up my fantasies through masturbation. However, I have completed the first episode of a college chastity and slavery series.

Here's the opening:

“We’re here,” drawled Pippa. She opened the door and waved a leanly muscular arm to usher Brett inside.

The blond girl’s tone went straight to Brett’s Happy Happy Chaste Boi Purity Device(tm).

Posh totty! Brett grinned nervously. He’d had a distant crush on Pippa for years, but he’d never realized how very sexy she sounded; like an aristocratic who’d arrived at a country mansion and not an expensive-looking modern apartment block.

“Oh do come on, we’re late,” she drawled.

Now Brett’s penis swelled against the inescapable ceramic bars. Panic clawed his spine. Wearing his chastity device to the Student Union Charity Roman Slave Auction had seemed like a good idea at the time….

At least six foot tall with curves that threatened to split her pretty summer frock and shed it like a cocoon, everything about Pippa was made to be obeyed. Even so, Brett hesitated.  “I’m not sure I should do this.”

The summer breeze bushed Pippa’s cloud of blond hair making her look like a radiant goddess. It also snaked between Brett’s bare thighs and lifted the hem of his fake Roman tunic revealing his Batman boxer shorts to the entire street.

A passing group of girls giggled.

Blushing furiously, Brett clutched at cheap fabric and prayed that his chastity device wasn’t visible through his underwear.

“Very Marylin Monroe,” said Pippa. “Now come on. Let’s get you inside,” she boomed in what must have been her outdoor voice: English, aristocratic — posh! — and more suitable for bossing horses around than for people.  “Think of those poor homeless kittens...”

 Brett felt the whole package  — genitals, hi-tech chastity device — lift slightly against his underwear. He clamped the skirts of the tunic against his thighs. “It was a donkey charity,” he corrected. 

“The homeless donkeys as well,” boomed Pippa. Her big hand caught his wrist and she tugged him inside. “It’s too late for second thoughts! I’ve paid my two hundred pounds. You’re my slave for the next 24 hours.”

At her words, the blood flowed from Brett’s brain to his captive penis.  He let the statuesque girl lead him to the foot of the stairs. She released him and took the concrete steps ahead of him, powerful legs taking five at a time. “Come on!” she repeated.  She made a double-clicking sound as if urging on a reluctant horse.

 Brett stumbled and tried to clear his mind. But it was no good, she’d pinged his fantasy about her. He had a flash of her striding across the campus in her riding gear, britches so tight they could have been painted on, whip tucked under one arm, knee length boots adding to her already formidable height. She wasn’t wearing boots right now. Instead strappy high-heeled sandals webbed her muscular calves.

Brett followed after her, gazing at her powerful  legs.  The sight set off little spasms in his chastity device. This had to be better than spending his last hours as a student locked in his dorm room watching porn and getting cheap thrills by toying with the Red Button.


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Jack said...

Good reading Giles. I'm more of a fan of free willys myself, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles! Good to have you back... a tad disappointed though: No nylons stockings...?

Giles English said...

I am trying to get back to finishing and publishing erotica. No stockings in this one - modern theme!

Giles English said...

And now the book is up on Amazon.