Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Chastity Belt is back on Amazon

If you're following this blog, you probably read my debut novel years ago. Last year, Amazon pulled it due to, I suspect, an automatic tool not liking the use of virgin or girl in the product description.

Heart in mouth, I rewrote the blurb, added a new cover, then resubmitted it. Here's how it now looks:

A kinky erotic novel about male chastity and Femdom at college! 

Which would you choose? Erotic adventures beyond your wildest dreams, or being able to have an orgasm again... ever? 

Mark is surrounded by delicious but messed-up young women. Despairing of ever bedding one, he agrees to wear an experimental chastity belt, only to discover that the ladies quite like the idea of a man without a penis! 

His chastity belt unlocks the libidos of ice queens, pathological teases, timid wallflowers, and super bitches, opening the way for a spectacularly dysfunctional love triangle. 

Unfortunately, the more he gets turned on, the longer the hi-tech device remains locked...

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back here...! Looking forward to new stories... but do not exhaust yourself! ;-)