Friday, April 13, 2012

Sorority party on Chastity Planet

So, there’s a girl’s hand on my bare thigh and there’s nothing I can do about it. A horrible sense of naked vulnerability makes my groin tighten. I’m not wearing underwear beneath my Roman-style tunic. However, no matter how far up her hand goes, her long nails aren’t going to find my genitals.
I’m on Vesta - “Chastity Planet” - in the university city of Minerva. I’m at my first sorority party. Like every other male in the room, I’ve got a flesh-toned chastity cup nano-welded to my groin. Most of them are here for the cheap education. Me? I’m here for a girl. But not this girl.
“Hey, Annmarie,” I say. “Off. Out.”
A catlike grin forms on Annmarie’s round face. Her hand leaves my thigh and I know she’s fondling my groin cup. I can’t feel anything, but my lost penis goes wild, trying to heave itself upright. “What you going to do?” she says. ”Slap me?”
I blush. The discrete transparent collar about my throat stops me doing anything violent. The best I can do is try to shuffle away and close my legs.
Annmarie’s hand catches my knee. “Besides. I’m your date.”
I could still pull away - I’m not entirely helpless - but her fingers are strong and her nails are sharp; a reminder that men aren’t really protected from assault on this planet.
I glance around the room. Surely somebody will tell her to quit petting in public?
Thanks to the dress code, everybody’s wearing a unisex white tunic. It’s supposed to create a classical sense of tranquillity to go with the college’s columns and portico's. However, away from the College Wardens, everybody’s behaving as if it’s a toga party. There are bare legs everywhere, some smooth, some hairy. Nearby, a couple neck on the couch. His hand is running up and down her thigh. I get a glimpse of her pussy, dark lips behind a blond frizz. The girls don’t need underwear here, but only the men wear the cups.
Annmarie’s breath is hot on my ear. “You’ve been here a semester. That’s three months without an orgasm.” Her tongue teases my ear-hole, setting off a painful throb in my groin. “I have an orgasm every night.”
“Good for you,” I shoot back.
“Want to help me?” she purrs and I have a vision of her soft flesh undulating in the dark. Annmarie is built for sex, and suddenly I wish we were on a different planet with different rules. Mind you, she’d eat me alive.
“Not much in it for me, is there?” I say.
She tweaks my nipple through the tunic.
I bite back a whimper.
“More than you think,” says Annmarie. “I have this toy…” She laughs. “You come from a conservative world, don’t you? You’ve no idea what I’m talking about.”
But I’m not really listening to her. I’ve spotted Naima. My Naima.
I didn’t recognise her at first. Tall, blond, with long legs tapering down to her strappy sandals she looks coldy elegant. A million light years from the girl next door back home. Naima crosses her ankles as she talks and a vise seems to clench my groin.
Annmarie whistles under her breath. “Oh. I can’t compete with her. Is she why you wanted to come to the party?”
I nod mutely.
The buxom girl laughs. “She’s why you came to Vesta, isn’t she? You’re just a big soft romantic.”
My cheeks burn. “Girlfriend,” I mutter.
“Ex-girlfriend,”says Annmarie. “But go on. This should be interesting.” She gives me a shove.
I get to my feet. Chastity cup throbbing, I pick my way through the jumbled bodies. I’ve rehearsed this moment for so long, worked out all the ways the conversation could go. I want her to know that it’s OK that she’s not ready for sex, that it always was. But I don’t want her to think I’m here for her - that would be too much pressure.
Naima’s blue eyes twinkle. “Hello Brett,” she says. She looks me up and down.
Again I feel naked, naked and stupid. “Hi,” I say and blush again.
“We have unfinished business,” she says. She stoops a little, tilts her head and kisses me on the lips. Her hands catch the back of her neck and her tongue slides between my teeth. There’s a wet pulse in my groin, and I feel dizzy.
“Come upstairs,” she says.


Anonymous said...

Bleep it, would you get this book out, please!

nemo said...

So where is the rest of the story?

Giles English said...

Interesting. You guys really do like the Chastity Planet setting best.

Will said...


An Insomniac Night Owl said...

Nice to see you're working with Chastity Planet again. However, I'm not sure about the togas - a real toga isn't really a practical garment. Not only does it show dirt easily, its heavy, and you can't really exercise or move easily in it. Its really more of a formal garment than an everyday one.

I'm also not entirely clear on why the protagonist isn't wearing underwear. If he feels that exposed/awkward about his chastity cup, wouldn't he want some just as a security blanket, if nothing else?

Giles English said...

They're tunics, not togas. It just *looks* like a toga party. Minerva has a strict unisex dress code.

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

Ah . . . I missed that. Could you elaborate on the "no underwear" thing, though? That seems odd, in context.

Giles English said...

Well, the effect I'm after is one of male erotic vulnerability. The first episode of Mad Men had this scene where one of the creepy characters was feeling up girl and she didn't like it - I'm trying to replicate that.

In a galaxy of many cultures, unisex tunics probably aren't out of place. As for lack of underwear - they'll have health or philosophical reasons for that. I'll see how it works as I write.

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

Hmm . . . I'm not sure a "no panties" policy is going to reassure parents from all of those backwater and conservative worlds. "You're telling me my daughter can't wear any underwear for four years, while surrounded by chastity freaks and male sex slaves?"

As for the objectified part . . . Well, if that's the feel you're going for, a traditional toga party (where its understood that the guys won't be admitted while wearing underwaer) might be better, than tunics 24/7. You also might just have Annmarie grab his ass, or his cup directly - she doesn't seem the subtle type. Or you could have the girls strip the boys during the party, for a mandatory "Biggest Bulge/Best Cup" contest.

You also might want to look at the short story, "The Party" (its part of the Peter Files /

An Insomniac Night Owl said...

By the way, the population of Vesta seems to have a bit of a diversity issue. Out of all the female characters you've described, only one's non-white (the Nubian tourist way back when). It also seems to skew a bit Nordic/Playboy Bunny-ish in this story: out of the two girls whose hair color is mentioned, both are natural blondes? Same with Ute, Linda . . .

Now I'm not arguing for an Affirmative Action policy for Vesta (surely we won't need it by then), but surely there'd be a bit more ethnic diversity by that point. So how about some Asian, black, and Amerindian/Aborigine characters (at least in secondary roles)? And that assumes no genetic drift or mutation over the centuries . . . so maybe a girl who naturally has purple hair? Or a lovely lady with green skin?

Giles English said...

Let me see.
Possibly underwear is something people simply stop bothering with. The classical-style tunics, however, won't be unique to this city on this world. Also, you get them in a lot of 70s TV SciFi, so I don't think they feel too out of place. I'll see how they work out.

Diversity - difficult one since I want to avoid stereotypes as well! When I do a final draft, the background will certainly be multi-ethnic.