Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whips and Stockingtops: Disappointed

My mistress is disappointed.

She started preparing for her date hours ago. I bathed her, dried her, massaged her, rolled on her stockings, the heat from her pussy like the sun shining on my face. As I watched her slip into the negligee, the chastity cage clenched around my captive cock. She was almost breathless with anticipation, and I was dripping.

And then the phone rang. Tallulah can't make it tonight.

So now what happens?

Do I get to serve instead? Lash her pussy with my tongue?

Will she take it out on me? Lash my back with her whip?

Or will she slip into her pyjamas and call for a book?

Which is it to be....


Irv O. Neil said...

Evocative vignette! I like the combination of vintage photos and contemporary scenarios.

I found your site today via one of your past comments at, on the subject of artists we'd like to see doing femdom subjects.

I will peruse more!

Giles English said...

I now have a novella out set in this universe - see recent blog entry.