Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morning in Aqua Sulis

I wake to her hot tears splashing the cold skin of my back.

"Oh you poor thing," says Cordelia. "I'm such a wicked, wicked person." She wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. "I should never have let you make love to me."

I twist in my chains and feel bare smooth bare flesh on brush my flanks. My owner kneels on the straw next to what's left of my stale bread and water, and she's naked. The cool air of my cell makes her nipples stand out.

I feel a hopeless tightness inside the chastity belt, but I don't feel any less naked than my mistress - after all these years, the steel device is part of me.

"You must be so very cold and lonely down here."

I nod and feel my own tears well up and trickle down my cheeks. I could ask her to let me return to serving her, but last time I pleaded, she extended my punishment by another month and sent her handmaidens to beat me-

-Of course, it's not really punishment.

A month ago, she let me service her with the dildo. More than that, she kissed me, clawed my back and - as I pounded into her, feeling nothing in my lost cock - I poured out my feelings, told her I loved her. She smiled back at me between her cries of orgasm..., yes, we did make love, and afterwards, as I lay next to her, my chastity belt beating like a second heart, she summoned her handmaids to escort me down to the cell.

Because it was that or sell me. A Roman lady must preserve her emotional distance from her slaves.

Cordelia stoops closer and her warmth bathes my skin. "I miss you," she whispers.

With a rattle of chains, I strain up and kiss her on the lips.

Her tongue dips into my mouth. Then she pulls back, "You realise the price?"

I nod.

She turns her head, making her breasts quiver, and addresses the girl who hovers in the doorway. "Octavia - bring over the dildo and the scourge."

I flinch. "The whip?"

"Yes my love. If I lash you myself, then I don't need to keep you down here." She drops into a pouting, babying voice. "You do understand, don't you sweety?"

I nod and she slots the prosthetic penis into the front of my chastity girdle.

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