Friday, January 01, 2010

A simple inescapable chastity belt...

No material is indestructible, no chastity contract is legally enforceable, so how could we make a chastity belt inescapable?

I have an idea. Can't guarantee it would be legally watertight, but...

Suppose, instead of selling chastity belts, a manufacturer leased them out to the wearer; say USD 400 a year for three years, after which the rent would drop to, say, USD 50.

The cunning part is that the device would have to be returned to base each year for checking and servicing.

If it's damaged in any way, then - as per the original contract - the manufacturer charges the full value of the device to your credit card. This could be a hefty but realistic sum, e.g. USD 2000.

Even you would be happy to take the financial hit, the chances are that your spouse would not: "Your bloody stupid fantasy - you live with it until your keys turn up!"

It could even have a timelock, so that there would be no legal issues around refusing to return somebody's keys....


Unknown said...

I was thinking of a material we dont have yet - nano-tubes
Or at least something that wont cost billions of dollars.
Another way is to boobytrap a belt so it kills you if you try to get around it.

As it is, the best way is to somehow control the mind - that is why your idea is currently the best one.

Giles English said...


My novel used a material called "quantumite", but I think we'd have to wait a few generations for something like that to turn up!

Boobytraps probably run into legal problems, and - if you stop to think about it - would requite subtle engineering. (My Kolkislavia setting uses this; implanted cage made from hollow bars that are full of explosive).

Simple mind control, e.g. blackmail, is illegal. Hypnotism might work, but would probably have vanilla repercussions.

All this is why I came around to the lease idea... I wonder if it would work legally.

Roland said...

A very nice idea! A service contract - that might just work.

Would be a nice story as a man has a contract to be released after one year - unfortunately, his belt gets damaged in a little "accident" staged by his wife... and now he either has to pay a huge sum or accept annother year in chastity...

Hm, concerning the legal issue: At least here in the country I am currently living in such a contract would be considered "against public policy" and therefore not legally binding... Too bad!

Roland said...

By the way and perhaps for your inspiration: There is a similar story featuring femal chastity available here: