Sunday, November 22, 2009

The perfect chastity belt...

My friends over at Chastity Wear are building the ultimate non-metalic male chastity device, and it set me thinking - what would be my perfect chastity belt?

It has to be secure, or I don't think it counts as a chastity device. At minimum, I don't want to be able to pull out without destroying the device. So - in the absence of a piercing - out go the simple ball grippers. Ideally, I'd like it in a material I can't easily cut with the contents of my tool chest.

It has to be comfortable for long term wear. I need to be able to sit at my desk, go to the shops and in all ways carry on with daily life without discomfort. Some of the more over the top steel devices probably fail at this hurdle, as does anything that relies on pressing too firmly round the root of my penis. The best solution seems to be something with an internal cock-and-ball ring.

It has to pass the shower test. For most uses, it's enough to be able to take a shower without the thing collapsing, corroding or becoming water logged. However, the perfect belt would enable me to actually wash and dry my genitals. This suggests a cage rather than cup construction.

The problem with a cage is that it's downright ugly, doesn't look neutered, and doesn't hide whether or not I'm turned on. These visual considerations mean that I'd always opt for a cup over a cage, even though this reduces the possibilities of long-term wear.

Mmy ideal chastity belt would get around this: a girdle and ball-gripping cage, with a visor-like cup.

Beyond basic design, I want it to be easy to fit a dildo to act as a prosthetic, and can it the belt be adjustable in order to simplify fitting, and account for fluctuating weight...?

Small wonder that the DIY route is so attractive. However, if I had the money and lived close to Chastity Wear, I think I'd be queuing up for a fitting.

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Unknown said...

What's wonderful Giles is that everyone has their own idea of the "perfect" chastity device and the reality is that I'm not sure it's even possible to create. No matter what, one person wants this and another that, cup, cage, thong-style, jock-strap style, ball clamping, belted, and on and on.

I guess this is why we are building the "ultimate" chastity device. A promise for the best we believe can be delivered. Thanks for writing about us and your dedication to following our developments.

I must admit, we are enjoying the building and development process much more because of all of the interest from people such as yourself in following our developments. Thanks!