Friday, October 06, 2006

Hello world, I'm Giles English, erotic novelist!

A couple of years back, Pink Flamingo published my first novel, The Chastity Belt. The blurb describes it rather well, but in a nutshell:

Being stuck in a chastity belt makes Mark irresistable to the girls on his college campus. As the encounters get kinkier, the emotions darker, he must chose between wild sex, and having a proper orgasm again ever.

It's still in print, and I even get the odd fan-mail - one gentleman even sent me a sex toy! However, I've not yet got around to a second effort. Partly it's to do with time. Mainly, however, it's been hard finding another idea that's worth a full length novel.

I pretty much put everything but the kitchen sink into The Chastity Belt... male chastity, teasing and denial. F/F, F/M and M/F D&S, not to mention a good dose of voyeurism. I also floated my idea of chaste male as participant observer, and as ultimate sex god. Has anybody else ever published a bondage scene where the male top remains in a CB throughout?

Then there were the emotions. Though it's very much an erotic novel, it's also a 4-way love story, and an exploration of the whole S&M fantasy-reality balance issue... though I hope you wouldn't notice those themes unless you went looking for them!

There wasn't much room for a sequel! Worse, I'd used up a lot of my most powerful (to me) ideas.

However, I have tested the waters with the odd short story posted on forums. So, I thought it might be interesting to bring my work together in one place, and perhaps even float the odd idea. I might even discuss the novel I am working on. It all depends...

But for now: Hello world, I'm Giles English, erotic novelist!

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