Monday, July 27, 2020

Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth 2!

Here it is!

The cute goth sysadmin from the office has found the keys to uptight Michael's chastity cage and she's blackmailing him to stay chaste. When she told him he was free to date, he didn't take it seriously. However, now the office posh bitch throws herself at him. Find out what happens when she discovers his Happy Happy Neuter Boi Purity Device...
A quirky Femdom short from Giles English, who spends a lot of his time kept in chastity by his wife...

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

FREE STORY! Trapped in Chastity by a Pretty Goth

Some hot kinky fantasy to drive out the winter weather. And, unlike the hero of the story, it's free!

Click to Download!
The cute goth sysadmin from the office has found the keys to uptight Michael's chastity cage. Now she makes him a very kinky offer he can't refuse (because, blackmail).

It's a bit of an experiment - I'm inviting people to post reviews suggesting what the hero should do next... (If you feel like doing that, please put them on Smashwords where other people can see them.)

Monday, November 04, 2019

Bi Femdom Wife is back!

I rolled both my Bi Femdom Wife books into a single volume:

The kink gets out of hand when Tristan persuades Hannah, his no-nonsense Geordie wife, to let him spend New Year’s Day as her chaste slave. Zarah, her vampy bisexual BFF, has slept over and plans to cuckold him. Meanwhile, sick of his demands, Hannah humiliates him by insisting he stick to the plan and slave for both of them! Their relationship will never be the same again. She imprisons him, enslaves him, beats him brutally, and ultimately turns him into a permanently chaste cuckold, useful only for acting as her fluffer before she hits the Lesbian clubs!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Just published TORTURED BY AMAZON REDHEADS! "Grim Femdom Beyond the Wall"

"Grim Femdom Beyond the Wall"

When Severus and his Roman companions are captured by lusty red-haired Celtic Amazons, can they pass the increasingly bizarre erotic tests, or will they spend their lives as pierced and chaste slaves attending at heathen Lesbian orgies... or much worse?

To add peril, Severus's angry ex-wife is the slave in charge of cutting and piercing, and she herself has spent the last five years sealed up against all pleasure. Can he win her back and escape with her, or will he suffer the cruellest cut of all at her vengeful hands?

TORTURED BY AMAZON REDHEADS is inspired by grimly erotic Men's Adventure fiction of the 60s and 70s, but steeped in Femdom. It's by an author who has spent the last five years as the chaste slave of his dominant wife and knows of what he writes.

Yes, this is certainly the most ****ed up thing I have ever written! It's amazing what being free of Amazon's consent theatre does for your imagination.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Total Femdom Worlds and Whips and Stockingtops

Now I'm free of Amazon, my erotic worlds can breath! I've reissued my novel set in an alternate Jazz Age, where the women are all lesbians, the men all slaves.

Though it's a bitter sweet FF romance, it's perhaps my most fucked up fantasy if you think about it too much...


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Somebody just bought the Chastity Belt!

It's an old one - my first! - but I still have a soft spot for it. It's the first time I really articulated my sexual orientation, and it's all in there.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Building Chastity Planet, my Total World Femdom erotica setting

So, free of Amazon's consent theatre requirement, I finally got Chastity Planet working properly: "In space nobody can hear your safeword..."
Epub, Kindle Etc.

Here, we find our hero prostituting himself in an alley:
The girl groaned louder, louder still, then let out a long sigh and — abruptly - stood up off the wall.
Robin sank back to sit on his ankles. Her juices dribbled down his chin. His penis throbbed uselessly between his legs but she was beautiful like a big cat, sated, and even in the half light he could see her face was delightfully flushed from his efforts. He grinned up at her.
Without a word, she dropped something in front of his knees. She pointed her finger, turned the ring — triggering a weird squirming sensation in Robin’s groin —  then stepped around him and vanished into the street.
He stared down at what she had dropped: a ten credit bill. Not only had she used him, she had turned him into a prostitute.
Numbly, he picked up the note, stuffed it in his pocket then rose.
It was then he noticed the weird cold sensation in the tip of his dick.
He backed further into the alley, glanced around, then slid his hand down the front of his shorts.
Sure enough, the front of his chastity cup had opened… only it hadn’t done so enough to let his cock out. Instead, there was a tiny slot that let him get a finger to the tip of his captive penis. So much for visions of pumping away at his dick! This was as much as the device would ever open.
The tip was slippery with semen.
He licked his lips to capture more of the girl’s taste, braced himself against the alley wall, and started to rub.
The sensation was intense enough to make him whimper. His legs quivered, his breathing quickened. “So close…” he whimpered. “So… close…”
The slot abruptly closed, squeezing out his finger.
He slumped against the wall and wept. But if he had come, here in this dusty ally, he’d have soiled his shorts with semen. The girl was right; he was a loser.
He wiped his mouth on his arm and — the stranger’s taste still clinging to his mouth — stepped back into the street. 
You can get a free sample and buy the book here. (Pre order until later this month.) However, if you're curious about the the Total World Femdom planet I created, read on.